Rachel Speckan is the Marketing Director and Brand Manager at Maverick Wine Company. After many years immersed in the industry of all things boozy, Rachel is thoroughly dedicated to being the ultimate wine geek, with a good dose of sales savvy and super polished service and etiquette. She has traveled extensively, collecting vineyard rocks, eating local specialties, and drinking wine around the world in all the places.

With a special place in her heart for edgy California winemakers, dusty Italian reds, lush and stony Savennieres, and funky American microbrews, Rachel brings a dynamic, delicious, and well balanced professional approach. Rachel is incessantly drinking wine, talking about drinking, encouraging others to drink, teaching about drinking, writing about drinking and eating adventures, drinking, tasting, researching, and talking about drinking. Although she dabbles in a wide spectrum of captivating and experimental beverage, Rachel’s true love is traditional, and, yet innovative wines with character.

She is deeply entrenched in research and training in the Court of Master Sommeliers, holding the Advanced Sommelier certification, as well as holding an Advanced Certificate from the WSET, and is also involved with the Cicerone Certification Program.

To throw it way back, Rachel grew up on a farm in Arkansas, with serious roots to the land and sense of place. She continues to search out and align with winemakers that share a similar vision. Rachel holds a Master’s degree from the University of Chicago, and, as a cultural anthropologist by educational training and curious by disposition, she is on a mission to research and taste all things fermented and, in turn, share the love and knowledge with fellow wine lovers. At home, baby somms Emerson and wee Lillian are growing up with wine education and palate development from the earliest age.