Sculpture & Wood

Eugene Benes

Pens by Gene
Homer Glen, IL

Handmade writing pens made from wood, resin, antler, shell, paper, snake skin and other materials. Techniques include segmentation, inlay and casting.

Eugene Benes2018-09-06T21:12:33+00:00

Joel & Karma Brokaw

Collaborator: Keilah Graber
JK Creative Wood
Kalona, IA

Hardwoods are hand cut and glued to create striped and chevron designs. Food safe mineral oil is applied to cutting boards, a moisture proof finish to chess boards and coasters.

Joel & Karma Brokaw2018-09-06T21:13:46+00:00

Ben Caldwell

Ben & Lael
Nashville, TN

I make functional and timeless metal art from copper and silver by hand using traditional metalsmithing techniques. I use the purest available metals and naturally-shed antler, all sourced in the USA.

Ben Caldwell2018-07-26T19:07:51+00:00

Todd Hubler

Hubler Furniture Co.
McFarland, WI
Etsy Shop

The cutting boards, iPad stands, and tables I make are from recycled city trees from the Madison/Dane County, Wisconsin area. My birdhouses are made from wood cutoffs, glued together.

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Andrew Ozark

Livonia, MI

I make cool stuff from junky metal parts- robots, lamps tables, ray-guns.

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Donzell Gordon

Chicago, IL

My mom sparked and fueled my love for the arts. My artistic creations are a celebration to her memory and her love for the arts.

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Aaron Hapner

Fort Wayne, IN

When I think of art I want it to bring a smile to your face, engage you, be unique! That’s what I strive for in my artwork. I mainly use recycled and repurposed items. I love giving things that may have been lost a new life as an incredible piece of art.

Aaron Hapner2018-08-02T15:15:07+00:00

Peter Rujuwa

Collaborator: Tapiwa Rujuwa
Greenwood, IN

Serpentine stone sculptures hand carved with files, chisels, sandpaper and polished with beeswax to illumin the colorful and unique patina which is found in each stone.

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Mayolo Haro

Natural Wonders
Morton Grove, IL

Hand carved wooden art. Using Root, Stumps, Driftwoods of Cedar and Teak Woods. My technique is unique by preserving the natural beauty/shapes of the woods.

Mayolo Haro2018-09-06T21:15:11+00:00

John Denis

Chicago, IL

I sculpt in clay and plaster. I then hand carve forms from the work . Finally I layer the forms with glass and acrylic by heating and cooling the surfaces.

John Denis2018-08-02T01:31:50+00:00

Alfredo Alea

Miami, FL

I use figures as a means to express an emotive and meditative state. An emotion frozen in metal for the viewer to reflect. Postures reflecting a state of mind.

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