Sculpture, Metal & Wood

Marvin Shafer

Q3 Art
Chicago, IL

Marvin cuts, polishes, forges, anodizes and hand dyes each element, before assembly. Mobiles balanced for beauty.

Jamison Glisczinski

Jamison Studios
Appleton, WI

Jamison uses a combination of stoneware clay and steel. His work is individually hand built, high fired and glazed with multiple layers of traditional glazes, after which he integrates metal elements.

Mayolo Haro

Natural Wonders
Morton Grove, IL

Handcarved Wooden Art/Furniture Made using Roots, Burls, Stumps of Cedar, Teak, Acacia Woods. Use Mostly power tools, Chainsaws, Grinders, Etc. My technique is to preserve the natural shape/Beauty of woods.

Layl McDill

Clay Squared to Infinity
Minneapolis MN

My sculptures are covered with tiny images which are created with the millefiori technique in polymer clay. The closer you get the more detail you see. My work has the sensation of story.

Chris Tennant

Heathen Hoard Studio
Columbus, OH

Cold cast sculptures of animals, portraits, and landscapes. Pieces are molded, hand built and finished by hand.

Jay Kim

Alpharetta, GA

Patina on brass with torch or mineral salts. 3D shaped by hammering. Dremel engraving on chosen theme from patina patterns starkly reveals golden brass hidden underneath. No colorants used.

Alex Grimmer

Deadwax Art
Dallas, TX

I take old vinyl records and carve out artwork from them. I use a wood burning tool to carve out the record. Each record is made on a different artist, making each record a one of a kind piece.

Jon Welborn

Jon Welborn Studio
Pittsburg, TX

Wood turned and carved, live edge, decorative hollow forms and sculpture from salvaged timber. All pieces created from a single, solid piece of found or salvaged wood.

Stephen Christena

Arc Academy LLC
Chicago, IL

Our work focuses on midwest iconography, industrial roots, accented hardwoods and a wide variety of patinaed metals utilizing acid flash rusting to chemical colorization. Each piece is made custom.