Tracey Capone

Tracey Capone Photography
Chicago, IL

I specialize in urban photography as well as travel and nature. I hand mount them on ready to hang, birch wood blocks and panels, using a proprietary process I have developed over several years.

Tracey Capone2018-07-31T23:06:40+00:00

Matthew Coglianese

Chicago, IL

Dye sublimation photographic prints of my digital art and photography on aluminum sheet metal.

Matthew Coglianese2018-07-26T22:18:06+00:00

Scott Fishman

Scott Fishman Photography
Chicago, IL

Aerial and architectural images of Chicago’s iconic skylines, cityscapes, and landmarks.

Scott Fishman2018-07-31T21:49:15+00:00

Mik Major

Collaborator: Rebecca Major
Major Departure
Chicago, IL

Graphic, bright, colorful, full-of-life photographs and drone photography from around the world printed in multiple sizes.

Mik Major2018-07-26T22:30:36+00:00

David Mayhew

David Mayhew Photography
Fort Collins, CO

Skyscapes, chasing the perfect storm for the ideal light to capture the emotions of the sky. Infused Aluminum, framed. Archival & UV protected. Editions to 30.

David Mayhew2018-07-26T19:32:13+00:00

Mark Hersch

Chicago, IL

I obtain rare, historic photographs of Chicago dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. I then go out and take the exact same photograph from the same vantage point today, then merge the two together creating a single image of two photographs taken over a century apart.

Mark Hersch2018-08-21T16:57:55+00:00

Scott Fincher

Scott Fincher Photography
Chicago, IL

Limited edition archival inkjet prints framed or matted to museum/conservation standards.

Scott Fincher2018-08-02T14:44:18+00:00

Rick Canham

Of Visual Interest
Portland, OR

Medium format painterly impressions, each printed by the artist from the original negative, using traditional wet-darkroom techniques. No digital processes. Laminated glassless presentation.

Rick Canham2018-08-02T14:33:37+00:00

James Cole

James McArthur Cole Photography
Plainfield, IL

I am a Fine Art Photographer. I photograph with a Nikon D850, Nikon D5 and Hasselblad. I print on my Epson P8000. My photography is framed behind museum grade grade glass, with 8ply mat and wood mold.

James Cole2018-08-01T23:38:40+00:00

Darren Olson

Minneapolis, MN

Each photograph was taken on location using existing light and printed on archival materials. The viewer will feel and experience a scene (through light, texture, pattern and tonality) as I did.

Darren Olson2018-08-01T21:23:58+00:00

Carl Vogtmann

Carl Vogtmann Photography
Chicago, IL

Black and white photographs made using traditional materials and techniques. All images were shot on film with medium format equipment and printed in the darkroom by the artist.

Carl Vogtmann2018-08-02T15:18:51+00:00

Bruce Reinfeld

High Fidelity Gallery
Philadelphia, PA

Analog black and white 35mm/120mm/infrared film…not digital…non traditional – b/w and with airbrushed coloring. Limited edition, GPS tagged, acrylic face mounted on photographic film/paper.

Bruce Reinfeld2018-08-01T21:01:54+00:00

Brian Mancl

Chicago, IL

Using precise and selective framing, I reduce my subjects to their minimal and abstract essence. All work is created using medium format film and processed and printed in my own darkroom and studio.

Brian Mancl2018-08-01T20:57:36+00:00

Brad Pogatetz

Batavia, IL

I personally print my archival color photographs in my studio and face-mount them to museum acrylic.

Brad Pogatetz2018-08-01T19:41:24+00:00

Angela Kullmann

Collaborator: Russell Grace
Best Light Collection
Harvard, IL

Tinted photographic prints captured on specialized film emulsions & filters featuring unique forms, texture and tone. This body of work exhibits dramatic natural events and scenery.

Angela Kullmann2018-07-31T23:38:40+00:00