Jack Kraig

Kack Kraig Photography, Inc
Evanston, IL

Digital still life photographs printed on premium canvas and paper in limited addition. A images printed at my studio
by myself.

Steven Shundich

Remember Wrigley Field
Chicago, IL

Original handcrafted, limited edition canvas prints from meticulously researched and curated museum quality archival photos of iconic sports figures and venues from 1870 to 1945. B&W notecards too.

JD Dennison

JD Dennison
Troy, MI

I photograph through a microscope, invert and color-correct them, and mirror them along certain axes, as well as take pictures at night with a flash and invert them to the negative so dark turns to light and light to dark. Then mounted to acrylic.

Rita Anthony

Rita Anthony Photography
Michigan City, IN

Digital photographic images that are processed in and printed on high gloss metal or acrylic mediums.

Seung Jae Kim

Noah photography
Glenview, IL

Photography of small scale landscape in black and white or color. Printed on cotton based paper with archival pigment ink. Hand make framed with poplar wood.

James Cole

James Cole
James McArthur Cole Photography
Plainfield, IL

James photographs with a Nikon Z7 and prints on fine art paper o and frames behind museum grade glass with 8ply mat and wood molding.

Sebastian Sparenga

Sparenga Photography
Chicago, IL

I create fine art photography using the beauty of recrystallized substances under the polarized light microscope at 100X magnification. All the colors and patterns seen are naturally occurring.

Mark Hersch

Mark Hersch Photography
Highland Park, IL

I merge rare, historic photographs with photographs I shoot from the exact same vantage point in the present day, creating a single image that reveals parts of the old world and parts of the new.

Scott Fishman

Scott Fishman Photography
Chicago, IL

Aerial and architectural images of Chicago skylines, cityscapes, and landmarks taken from helicopters.

Professional DSLR cameras and lenses were used to capture images of Cuba’s colorful culture (literally and figuratively) as seen in its cars, people, and street art.

Gary Love

Gary Love Photography
Green Cove Springs, FL

Paper photograph is mounted to aluminum with a non glare UV protective finish. Images are taken with large format film and medium format digital. Extreme clarity and detail as if you’re there in person.

Mike Baker

3rdEye Photographic
Bolingbrook, IL

Fine art photography begins with a vision. I capture my images via digital cameras/lenses, edit via Photoshop and other software tools, convert to b&w, print. The final product is matted/framed.

Michael Bryant

Atlanta, GA

Black and white film shot in a plastic toy camera called a Holga. Final images printed on paper that I gold or copper-leafed. I make all my frames.

Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle Photo
Minneapolis, MN

Conservation and wildlife photographer sharing nature’s stories through specially coated metal prints with infused dyes. With a time-blending influence, Brian’s visually captivating art freezes the movement of time. He aims for his photographs to stimulate conversation and promote environmental literacy to help shape how people understand, interact with, and interpret the world we live in. All images were captured in the field.

Scott Fincher

Scott Fincher Photography
Chicago, IL

Limited edition archival inkjet prints framed or matted to museum/conservation standards.