Marc Anderson

Elmwood, WI

I create representational oil paintings covering subject matter such as figurative and landscapes done in an alla prima style.

Marc Anderson2019-08-16T18:11:21+00:00

Abbie Ansburg

Elmhurst, IL

I work on canvas and wood panels prepped with acrylic gesso. I apply layers of oil paint, modified with liquid alkyd medium, with various brushes and pallet knives.

Abbie Ansburg2019-08-14T18:21:21+00:00

George Ceffalio

Ceffalio Art
Glen Ellyn, IL

I create oil paintings in the classic realism style of the old masters.

George Ceffalio2019-08-16T01:22:34+00:00

Cat Clausen

Cathee A. Clausen Fine Art
Dwight, IL

Long Live Lincoln!

Cat Clausen2019-08-21T16:51:09+00:00

Roger Disney

Tulsa, OK

With long shutter speeds and dusk lighting the artist captures urban photos from around the world and returns home to interpret them in the studio with these large scale palette knife oils on canvas.

Roger Disney2019-08-15T15:33:40+00:00

Brian Eppley

Mechanicsburg, PA

My oils are based on observation. I work both on location and in studio.

Brian Eppley2019-08-16T00:04:11+00:00

McKenzie Fisk

Beverly Hills, CA

Oil paint layered to mimic the refractory quality of light.

McKenzie Fisk2019-08-15T02:44:48+00:00

Nyle Gordon

Ethel, MO

I work exclusively with oil paint on canvas and hard board, using brushes and pallet knives.

Nyle Gordon2019-08-15T03:03:20+00:00

Nancie King Mertz

Collaborator: Ron Mertz
ArtDeTriumph & Artful Framer Studios
Chicago, IL

Much of my work is plein air in pastel or oil, inspired from Chicago and destinations around the world. As a Master Pastelist, I teach across the US and in Europe and offer pastel products and videos.

Nancie King Mertz2019-08-15T02:57:39+00:00

Karina Llergo

Karina Llergo Art, Ltd
Northbrook, IL

Oil on canvas worked by glazing technique; more that 12 layers of oil used to achieve realism; Painting knives are used in areas to suggest 3D dimension; Charcoal and gold leaf as alternative mediums.

Karina Llergo2019-08-16T16:27:25+00:00

Andrew Manaylo

AMG Fine Art Corp
Boca Raton, FL

Rich combinations of bold and layered oil paints on canvas with unusual surface texture, using a variety of unconventional techniques in addition to brushwork.

Andrew Manaylo2019-08-15T23:54:13+00:00

Melvin McGee

Green Bay, WI

I use a layering technique that allows me to build up the oil paints for contrast and bright colors.

Melvin McGee2019-08-15T02:48:08+00:00

Chuck Meyers

Chicago, IL

Small outdoor paintings are most often plein air. The largest paintings are done in the studio from my own source material. I use between 12 to 16 colors on the palette. I always paint, a la prima.

Chuck Meyers2019-08-15T00:00:51+00:00

Ken Reif

Berwyn, IL

Oil painting which starts with a black primed surface using an impressionistic palette to complete the work. The resulting fragmented images of natural settings are a balance of realism and abstraction.

Ken Reif2019-08-15T01:18:13+00:00

Joseph Smigielski

Chicago, IL

Oil paintings by knife and brush. Colors are loosely, dashed onto the canvas like notes of music, then imagery is worked into the composition.

Joseph Smigielski2019-08-16T16:12:23+00:00

Lidia Wylangowska

Art View
Chicago, IL

I work with oil paint but I keep experimenting with different textures and materials as well. I choose to paint human body for simple reason: it’s a demanding subject. It requires constant learning.

Lidia Wylangowska2019-08-15T02:29:28+00:00