Carla Bank

Carla Bank Designs
Long Grove, IL

Poured acrylics forming lines and composition of geometric abstraction with the intense forms of Color Field Painting.My work is derived from my interest in architecture, color, rhythm and shapes.

Carla Bank2019-08-16T00:33:42+00:00

Soo Chang

Soo k. Chang Fineart
Woodridge, IL

Stories are collected in my head and turned it into a poetry of colors on canvas. I love the intense colors and textures achieved from the experience with acrylic paint, paint brush and pallet knife.

Soo Chang2019-08-15T15:46:53+00:00

Jenn Crisan

Sharon, PA

Acrylics develop into an abstracted landscape with multiple layers, working to build texture and form with a unique, minimal color palette.

Jenn Crisan2019-08-16T16:07:57+00:00

Val Fischer

Fay’s Artworks
Tinley Park, IL

I start with a pencil drawing on canvas then I do an underpainting followed by several transparent layers of soft body acrylic paint. I work randomly until I achieve the desired color tone and balance

Val Fischer2019-08-15T16:16:30+00:00

Gregory Frederic

Green Bay, WI

In my eclectic work, I break up objects with refraction lines allowing the dispersion of light. I custom mix layers of acrylic paint to create the desired depth and vibrant synergy within each piece.

Gregory Frederic2019-08-16T01:36:39+00:00

Yoram Gal

Tel Aviv, Israel

Watercolor, gouache, pen and acrylic on paper and canvas, capturing fleeting moments of dramatic, comic and lyrical interactions between people. Juicifying landscapes from realism to abstract.

Yoram Gal2019-08-15T16:26:04+00:00

Amy Huisinga

Chicago, IL

My acrylic paintings incorporate added textured gel mediums and various painting surfaces to create dimensional effects within the scene, giving the viewer a sense of involvement.

Amy Huisinga2019-08-14T18:26:44+00:00

Kenneth Kudulis

Collaborator: Jenifer Kudulis
Chattanooga, TN

My original characters are digitally painted on top of my original photography. Printed with archival ink on acid-free canvas and hand sealed with archival UV varnish. Also create bright, fun portraits and compositions created with acrylic paint.

Kenneth Kudulis2019-08-15T02:11:19+00:00

Anastasia Mak

Chicago, IL

My paintings are inspired by travel destinations and nature. I combine many layers of acrylic paint with pen – all applied to canvas or wood.

Anastasia Mak2019-08-14T18:48:56+00:00

Ezra Siegel

Batavia, IL

I use plaster, graphite powder, and thin washes, to develop tones and textures.I am drawn to simpler cultures and art influences because of the simple and direct manner in which they express form.

Ezra Siegel2019-08-15T00:12:59+00:00

Peter Thaddeus

Warrenville, IL

I paint acrylic paintings on canvas using a soft bristle brush to create a smooth texture. My work is all done freehand using layering and blending to create a broader impact.

Peter Thaddeus2019-08-15T15:19:45+00:00

Bala Thiagarajan

Art by Bala
Wood Dale, IL

I pipe acrylic paint in the style of henna body art on canvas to create textured, free-hand meditative mandala paintings, inspired by the colors and patterns of my Indian culture.

Bala Thiagarajan2019-08-14T19:01:08+00:00