Matthew Adamczyk

Utilizing acrylic and oil, I create works of art in a contemporary pop art style. Subject matter ranges from portraits to landscapes depicting a bright and colorful world.

Matthew Adamczyk2018-07-26T22:10:48+00:00

Val Fischer

Fay’s Artworks
Tinley Park, IL

I do a pencil drawing on canvas then an underpainting. I then work with several transparent layers of acrylic paint until I achieve the desired color balance.

Val Fischer2018-07-31T23:11:09+00:00

Yoram Gal

Tel Aviv, Israel

Acrylics, inks, gouache, modeling pastes, sand and more, on canvas / paper. I use anything water based, in my secret mixtures / potions, to paint my joy of life expressionism rendering of landscapes.

Yoram Gal2018-07-31T23:14:26+00:00

Amy Huisinga

Chicago, IL

My acrylic paintings incorporate added textured gel mediums and various painting surfaces to create dimensional effects within the scene, giving the viewer a sense of involvement.

Amy Huisinga2018-07-31T23:33:17+00:00

Anastasia Mak

Chicago, IL

My paintings are inspired by cities and destinations. I combine many layers of acrylic paint with pen and scratching – all applied to canvas or wood.

Anastasia Mak2018-07-26T18:46:32+00:00

Ezra Siegel

Batavia, IL

I use plaster, graphite powder, and thin washes, to develop tones and textures.I am drawn to simpler cultures and art influences because of the simple and direct manner in which they express form.

Ezra Siegel2018-07-26T21:01:39+00:00

Peter Thaddeus

Warrenville, IL

I create acrylic paintings on canvas using a multi-layer process. I use my smooth blending technique to create a soft, yet bold look with my vivid colors rolling off a soft bristle brush.

Peter Thaddeus2018-08-02T15:16:07+00:00

Soo Chang

Soo k. Chang Fineart
Woodridge, IL

Acrylic paint on gallery wrapped canvas is applied with pallet knife and paint brush to create a story.

Soo Chang2018-08-02T14:50:18+00:00

Pavlina Alea

Miami, FL

The paintings I create are inspired by the optical effects of light, reflection and water.

Pavlina Alea2018-08-02T02:39:57+00:00

Mollie Chounard

Saint Louis, MO

I’m a conceptual surrealist painter, with a focus on creating pieces that illustrate an idea or narrative.

Mollie Chounard2018-08-02T02:35:16+00:00

Letitia Lee

LEE MEE Art & Design
Bethesda, MD

I apply acrylics, contrasting colors and lines on canvas to convey energy and movement.

Letitia Lee2018-08-02T02:12:38+00:00

Laura Kiro

Laura Kiro Art
Chicago, IL

Bright, acrylic Paintings on Canvas with a rainbow palette. Modern, Pop Art specializing in coffee cups and places. The inspiration is “happiness”.

Laura Kiro2018-08-02T02:04:54+00:00

Bala Thiagarajan

Art by Bala
Wood Dale, IL

I create free-hand textured paintings by piping acrylic paints in the style of henna body art on canvas. I paint intuitively and the symmetry comes from a meditative practice of organic repetition.

Bala Thiagarajan2018-08-01T19:37:50+00:00

Armik Malekian

Armix Craft
Glendale, CA

Through the main techniques within his paintings utilizing shades, color, and highlights, he has created a visual reflection of the emotional joy of life.

Armik Malekian2018-08-21T18:17:53+00:00