Mixed Media

Jacqueline Bevan

Jewels Botanica
Round Lake Beach, IL

Collage created with multiple layers of paper, magazine text and acrylic paint. The backgrounds are paper; the birds are magazine text and acrylic paint; the branches are paper and mica flakes.

Jacqueline Bevan2019-08-15T00:28:51+00:00

Prince Duncan-Williams

Prince Silk Creations
Las Vegas, NV

I first sketch the composition on a leather board, spread adhesive all over the board then carefully hand lay colors of silk cords down by hand.

Prince Duncan-Williams2019-08-16T19:22:38+00:00

Diana Gonzalez

As the Crow Flies Studio
Wilmette, IL
Etsy Shop

Using found and recycled objects, biological materials and ephemera, combining collage and mixed media technique, I create both 2D and 3D art.

Diana Gonzalez2019-08-15T00:07:35+00:00

Leif Johansen

Asheville, NC

Pop Surrealist working on canvas & paper w/ a variety of mediums: acrylic and oils, Gouache, hand cut paper, pen and ink, copic markers and colored pencil to create vibrant, thought provoking images.

Leif Johansen2019-08-15T02:22:17+00:00

Jennifer Lashbrook

Lashbrook Studios
Dallas, TX

I recycle paint chips to create pixilated artwork of familiar images. When viewed at a distance or through a cell phone, it changes from indiscernible color blocks into clear, recognizable imagery.

Jennifer Lashbrook2019-08-15T00:56:26+00:00

James Lee

Drink Beer Make Art
Chicago, IL
Etsy Shop

I use bottle caps and paper labels to create custom pet portraits, origami, shadow boxes, mosaics and 2D/3D sculptural objects incorporating glass bottles, lighting and beer-related found objects.

James Lee2019-08-16T01:55:56+00:00

Margaret Luttrell

Marge Luttrell Encaustics
Knoxville, TN

I work in encaustic mixed media. I paint with beeswax, resin and pigment and then fuse with heat. I explore the nature of myth which is universal and mirrors our own mythologies in the present tense.

Margaret Luttrell2019-08-15T02:38:05+00:00

Christine Moore

Bonita Springs, FL

My art is a collaboration between myself and archival epoxy Resin. It is poured with specific intention in many layers onto canvas. It is this intention that sets me apart from typical resin artists.

Christine Moore2019-08-16T00:43:08+00:00

Armando Pedroso

Armando Pedroso Contemporary Art, Inc.
Fennville, MI

Pedroso deconstructs and reconstructs layers of roofing tar, plaster, found objects, metals, symbol’s, rich acrylic colors to create inspirational and emotionally driven paintings.

Armando Pedroso2019-08-15T23:59:18+00:00

Robin Samiljan

Chicago, IL

My inspiration comes from nature. Abstract & impressionistic paintings come to life with mixed media materials, using seductive layers of pigments combined with translucent color.

Robin Samiljan2019-08-16T19:30:04+00:00

Kate Tillman

Lakeville, IN

One of a kind pieces made in the darkroom using my original film images, printed on hand distressed sheet steel. Images are printed with silver gelatin on steel, finished with resin on handmade frames

Kate Tillman2019-08-15T01:13:22+00:00

Ken Wilson

Kawcuts Studio
Chicago, IL

Mixed media collage assembled with nostalgic found images/photos & reclaimed wood often constructed around an acrylic portrait. Original works are displayed in custom built frame, recycled window/door.

Ken Wilson2019-08-15T01:37:44+00:00