Mixed Media

Christine Adele Moore

Bonita Springs, FL

I paint with acrylic on canvas separating each paint layer with clear mediums. This process creates a metaphor for the complexities of life, nothing being as simple as it first appears.

Derek Christensen

Chicago, IL

Derek’s work is made from vintage license plates which are all hand-cut using tin snips and mounted onto handmade frames and panels.

My work is created from license plates, all of which are hand-cut using tin snips and screwed onto handmade, wood frames.

Kate Morgan

Columbus, OH

Original drawing cut out and collaged with antique/vintage papers. Shading with ink, watercolor washes and colored pencil. Finished with gold leaf. Wood panel substrate.

Igors Irbe

Chicago Map Design
Chicago, IL
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Digital art collections inspired by Chicago historic surveys. Digital prints are framed in vintage windows salvaged citywide. Prints are also applied to re-purposed vintage items to create functional art.

Kellie Brace

Wabash, IN

Kellie’s art uses a variety of mediums some of which include acrylics, papers, with oil and cold wax or encaustic medium. She sometimes limits her palette but does not preplan her art. Kellie paints the energy she feels.

David Sear

David Sear Art
Wawautosa, WI

The media David uses is a mix of charcoal, graphite, color pencil with acrylic. A grid based on the Golden Section or a related variation is drawn on each surface used as a composition diagram.

Annette Fiscelli

LINKS by Annette
Oak Park, IL

Annette uses a variety of techniques to make a wide range of products all from repurposed bicycle parts. She carves wood clocks, sew bags from inner tubes, weave floor mats and much more.

Jennifer Lashbrook

Lashbrook Studios
Dallas, TX

I recycle paint chips to create pixilated artwork of familiar images. When viewed at a distance or through a cell phone, it changes from indiscernible color blocks into clear, recognizable imagery.

Jacqueline Bevan

Jacqueline Bevan Studio
Hoffman Estates, IL

Collage created with multiple layers of paper, magazine text and acrylic paint. The backgrounds are paper; the birds are magazine text and acrylic paint; the branches are paper and mica flakes.

Bruce Reinfeld

High Fidelity Gallery
Philadelphia, PA

Large-scale lenticular abstract and photo-based mixed media. The image changes based on viewer perspective.

Ken Wilson

Kawcuts Studio
Chicago, IL

POP Art collage assembled with nostalgic found images, vintage photos and reclaimed wood, typically constructed around a painted acrylic portrait. Original works are displayed in custom built frames.

Dane Shue

Dane Shue Art
Grapevine, TX

The artist uses gestural painting and acrylic paint in hand-pulled silkscreen to create one off portraits of pop icons.

Nestor Yulfo

Chicago, IL

Nestor creates work inspired by symbolism; geometry; terrestrial and cosmic landscapes. He specializes in illustration using graphic design techniques such as hand drawing, airbrushing and acrylic painting on canvas or wood.

Robin Samiljan

Chicago, IL

Robin paints primarily with the encaustic medium – purified beeswax, resin, and pigments. She also loves experimenting with new combinations using traditional and non-traditional materials.

Jennifer Linton

studio jLd
Chicago, IL

A graphic designer’s eye informs work in fiber, textile and mixed media grounded in nature and geometry. Tools include loom, sewing machine, tufting gun and screen printing.

Leif Johansen

Asheville, NC

Pop surrealist working on canvas & paper with a variety of mediums: acrylic and oils, Gouache, hand cut paper, pen and ink, copic markers and colored pencil to create vibrant, thought provoking images.

Laura Junge

Jackson Junge Studio
Chicago, IL

Paintings that I have created are brought to life with the use of wire, stretched canvas, wood that is bent into unique shapes and figures that I sculpt from clay.

Kelsey Merkle

Kelsey Merkle Fine Art & Illustration
Clarence Center, NY

Paint (acrylic or oil), metallic leaf, wood stain, colored pencil on wood panel with resin overlay.