Drawing, Paper & Printmaking

Hiroshi Ariyama

Ariyama Studio
Chicago, IL

My artwork is created using acrylic paint on canvas and wood panels. Images are mostly abstract and non-representational.

Hiroshi Ariyama2019-08-15T00:21:16+00:00

Lee Galusha

Chicago, IL

One-fold-a-time: Individually folded paper made into butterflies, dragon flies, peacocks, etc in shadow box.

Lee Galusha2019-08-16T17:54:03+00:00

Igors Irbe

Chicago Map Design
Chicago, IL

Digital art collections inspired by Chicago historic surveys. Digital prints are framed in vintage windows salvaged citywide. Prints are also applied to re-purposed vintage items to create functional art.

Igors Irbe2019-08-15T00:24:46+00:00

Stephanie Keller

Chicago, IL

Focused on the vintage art of print making, cohesive pieces showcase the quality and craftsmanship is of Inkling’s artwork. Letterpress, silk screen and block prints are featured and made in Chicago.

Stephanie Keller2019-08-15T15:50:01+00:00

Taylor Mazer

Grand Rapids, MI

My work is drawn in ink using micron drawing pens, a dip pen and India ink, dry brushing with micron ink, and occasionally a marker or graphite on either watercolor or drawing paper.

Taylor Mazer2019-08-16T19:47:41+00:00

Zachary Mory

Glen Ellyn, IL

I create non-objective, abstract and narrative works on paper using pencil.

Zachary Mory2019-08-15T16:29:40+00:00

Ken Swanson

Racine, WI
Etsy Store

I make linoleum block prints. I carve my original design into a block of linoleum, print it with black oil ink onto white archival paper, then hand-paint the result with transparent acrylic inks.

Ken Swanson2019-08-15T01:34:27+00:00

Tai Taeoalii

Hannibal, MO

Surreal ballpoint pen drawings on milky transparent mylar film, often infused with social and political commentary. Graphite and charcoal smearing techniques used to blend the drawing with watercolor wash.

Tai Taeoalii2019-08-15T15:54:26+00:00

Rita Troller

Orland Park. IL

Detailed, hand-pulled Etchings/Aquatints on metal plates created using traditional intaglio methods. The resulting prints are often selectively hand colored with acrylic ink and/or watercolor.

Rita Troller2019-08-15T15:30:20+00:00

Don Widmer

Lion of Bali
Chicago, IL

Pulp painting is a process using pigmented paper pulp as a painting medium. The pigmented pulp is applied, freely or through a stencil, onto a freshly formed sheet of handmade paper.

Don Widmer2019-08-16T00:51:48+00:00

Judy Zeddies

Chicago, IL

Techniques include monotypes, collagraphs & screen prints, many in combination. I think of my work as an uncommon look at everyday objects. All work printed by the artist; editions of 25 or fewer.

Judy Zeddies2019-08-15T01:06:30+00:00