Drawing, Paper & Printmaking

Don Widmer

Don Widmer Paper Arts
Chicago, IL

Pulp painting is a handmade paper technique using colored pulp as a medium. While creating my sheets, I build up layers of pulp, made from various plants, to create imagery within the paper.

Hiroshi Ariyama

Ariyama Studio
Chicago, IL

Hand printed multi-colored limited edition screen printing of Chicago and its neighborhood scenes. Water base ink and acid free paper used.

Michael Rohner

Michael Rohner Art
Berkeley, CA

Exploring the wisdom of the animal kingdom through ink and mixed media illustrations onto torn edge water color paper. Floated in custom cut, natural maple and walnut frames set behind museum glass.

Ken Swanson

Ken Swanson, LLC
Racine, WI
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My linoleum block prints are designed, drawn, carved, and printed by me. I print them with a proof press using black oil ink on white archival paper, and hand-paint them with transparent acrylic ink.

Jim Brown

Vancouver, Canada

I photograph lonely trees along my journeys- after modifying the images I hand print them to plaster- the imagined forests are individual images collaged together to represent a journal of my travels.

Stephanie Keller

Chicago, IL

Inkling has thoughtfully curated a selection of printmakers that use handmade techniques. These include linoleum carving, silk screen and wood block printing.

Chris Charles

Moon Rabbit Press
Rochester, NY

Limited edition relief prints and monotypes made from carved linoleum and wood blocks, and hand-set type. I combine traditional techniques with experimental methods of typesetting and mark-making.

Judy Zeddies

Chicago, IL

Varied types of printmaking including monotypes, collagraphs and screen prints, often in combination. I think of my work as an uncommon look at everyday objects. All works are hand-printed by the artist.

Allison & Jonathan Metzger

Midnight Oil Studio & Workshop
Des Moines, IA

Hand-pulled, silkscreen prints and monotype collages. All layers and textures are hand created by the collaborative artist couple. Acrylic ink on Archival paper. Limited editions.

Lee Galusha

Origami Only
Chicago, IL

Folded paper gives life and movement to my butterflies, dragonflies, peacocks, etc. A colorful 3D visual experience, which changes from different angles and lighting it gives an uplifting sensation.