Jason Brueck

Alter Images
Nashville, TN

I create photo surrealistic images on my computer, then reproduce them as limited edition prints, using a large format printer and archival quality inks.

Jason Brueck2018-07-26T21:18:43+00:00

JD Dennison

Troy, MI

I take photographs at night with a flash and invert them to the negative so darks and lights are reversed then I mirror the image along different axes and mount the photo to acrylic.

JD Dennison2018-07-26T21:29:10+00:00

Tim Jarosz

Chicago IL

Digital photo collages, created from original photographs, dye sublimated on glossy chromaluxe board or aluminum sheet metal.

Tim Jarosz2018-07-31T22:54:48+00:00

Kenneth Kudulis

Chattanooga, TN

I draw my original characters from scratch w/ ink, scan and then paint the creature using a water color technique in Photoshop. Once complete, the characters are collaged into my original photography.

Kenneth Kudulis2018-07-26T21:51:14+00:00

Kevin Lucius

Lucius Art
Naperville, IL

I create digital collage art using a mix of hand drawn illustrations, images and textures. I then hand make wood block prints of the finished designs.

Kevin Lucius2018-08-02T01:57:46+00:00

Kate Harrold

Kate Harrold Photography
Nashville, TN

My work is a digital photo collage. I photograph each piece (occasionally borrowing elements from found images)and then digitally manipulate & merge them together to create new and unlikely stories.

Kate Harrold2018-08-02T01:48:49+00:00