McKenzie Fisk

Dallas TX

Individual characters are painted and combined with photographed individuals digitally to create a connected and cohesive final image between two or more characters.

Adam Hoffman

Salt Lake City, UT

Adam uses math equations to create fractal geometry which he layers and colors to create complex organic feeling scenes. His work is created from scratch, it is not photomanipulation of any kind.

Eric Lee

Northbrook, IL

My digital artwork is contemporary abstract surreal design with vibrant color schemes in photo manipulation techniques to deliver unique artistic effects by using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Kenneth & Jennifer Kudulis

Chattanooga, TN
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Digital collage created by combining my original hand drawn characters with my original landscape and urban photography. My goal is to create a whimsical, fun art that will make you smile! My additional work blends illustration and classic painting techniques to create a mid-century modern aesthetic.

Steve Connell

Chicago, IL

Chicago Night is a series of digital iPad paintings capturing the moody, urban isolation of diners, bars, theaters, etc., all late at night. Printed as multiple sizes on various surfaces.