Jason Brueck

Alter Images
Nashville, TN

I create photo surrealistic images in Photoshop, using a combination of personal and found photography then reproduce them as prints on fine art paper with a large format printer and archival inks.

Jason Brueck2019-08-15T00:41:19+00:00

JD Dennison

Troy, MI

I digitally invert images and mirror them to form unique patterns, as well as take photographs at night with a flash and invert them to the negative so darks and lights are reversed then I mirror the image along different axes and mount the photo to acrylic.

JD Dennison2019-08-15T00:51:27+00:00

Kate Harrold

Nashville, TN

I find or photograph all elements of the image and digitally manipulate & merge them together in Photoshop. Each print is run by me in a limited edition and hand embossed, titled, signed, and numbered.

Kate Harrold2019-08-15T01:10:25+00:00

Tim Jarosz

Chicago IL

Digital photo collages, created from original photographs, dye sublimated on glossy chromaluxe board or aluminum sheet metal.

Tim Jarosz2019-08-15T16:00:03+00:00

Kenneth Kudulis

Collaborator: Jenifer Kudulis
Chattanooga, TN

My original characters are digitally painted on top of my original photography. Printed with archival ink on acid-free canvas and hand sealed with archival UV varnish. Also create bright, fun portraits and compositions created with acrylic paint.

Kenneth Kudulis2019-08-15T02:11:19+00:00

Eric Lee

Northbrook, IL

My digital artwork is mostly of vector and photo manipulation in Earth tone color schemes. The software that I use to create artworks are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Eric Lee2019-08-16T01:18:10+00:00

Kevin Lucius

Lucius Art
Naperville, IL

I create digital collage art using a mix of hand drawn illustrations, images and textures. I then hand make wood block prints of the finished designs.

Kevin Lucius2019-08-15T02:15:41+00:00

Marcos Minuchin

The Secret Life of Toys
Long Beach, NY

I build miniature sets and photograph them in our studio or travel to various locations around the world. No Photoshop tricks here, use of macro or tilt and shift lenses to achieve force perspective.

Marcos Minuchin2019-08-16T18:15:22+00:00

Greg Turco

Jefferson, GA

This body of work begins with my photography of lines, textures, and shapes that are visually compelling. I then rearrange and reassemble the photos to create a completely original and distinct image.

Greg Turco2019-08-16T01:32:56+00:00