Kale Van Leeuwen

Kale Van Leeuwen
Overland, Park KS

My work is digitally created and includes utilizing photos of the top of my painting table I have been working on for the last 10+ years as well as digitally created imagery.

Kale Van Leeuwen2021-07-22T21:44:06+00:00

Eric Lee

Eric Lee
Northbrook, IL

My digital artwork is contemporary abstract surreal design with vibrant color schemes in photo manipulation techniques to deliver unique artistic effects by using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Eric Lee2021-07-21T00:33:17+00:00

Kevin Lucius

Kevin Lucius
Lucius Art
Naperville, IL

I create digital collage art using a mix of hand drawn illustrations, images and textures. I then hand make wood block prints of the finished designs.

Kevin Lucius2020-09-09T20:26:18+00:00

Kenneth Kudulis

Kenneth Kudulis
Collaborator: Jenifer Kudulis
Chattanooga, TN
Etsy Shop

My original characters are digitally painted on top of my original photography. Printed w/ archival ink on acid free canvas and hand sealed with archival UV varnish. Signed/Numbered in 1st edition only!

All my work is sketched, drawn, and painted with custom brushes on my iPad Pro using Procreate. Printed with Epson archival ink on acid free/archival, 315 gram, Velvet Rag paper.

Kenneth Kudulis2021-07-21T17:05:46+00:00
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