Ceramics & Glass

Jackson Ocheltree

Jackson Ocheltree
Tucson, AZ

Jackson uses borosilicate glass, gold, silver, cadmium, cobalt, and opals to make intricate glass orbs that create dramatic optical illusions. The art pieces are intended to create a tangible space for the mind to wonder.

Morgan Whitson

St. Louis, MO

I create unique functional ceramic pieces. Each piece is thrown on the wheel, hand altered, hand painted with slip in colorful combinations, glazed and fired multiple times. Some detailed with gold luster.

Kyle Pappalardo

K.M. Pottery
Westmont, IL

Kyle’s works with multiple clay bodies, including porcelain, dark brown and woodfire stoneware, firing to cone 6 oxidation and cone 12 woodfire. He uses heavy altering and relief carving to create dimension.

James Wilbat

Deerfield, IL

James combines various techniques in hot glass work, including blowing, fusing and sandblasting, to create my uniquely textured, vibrant, whimsical glass and reflecting the love of abstract art.

Mandy Krolak

Glazed Pottery Shop
Barrington, IL
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My pottery shop features wares that are raku, gas, and electric fired. Glazes are made from scratch which allows for a variety of hues and color combinations that makes each piece unique.

Peter Brown

Northbrook, IL

Glass is cut, designed and heated inside a kiln at 1500 degrees to create a single piece of glass. From there it goes back in the kiln at a lower temperature to slump for the final functional piece.

Gregory Story

Modern Clay
Chicago, IL

Handbuilt, carved, and painstakingly glazed ceramic sculpture and wall sculpture. Drawing on architectural influences, fabric design and modern ceramics, these elements mix to create modern artifacts.