Ceramics & Glass

Shawn Barbagallo

RAKU Gold Pottery
South Beloit, IL

All pieces are handbuilt/wheel thrown and fired through the Japanese Raku firing process. All of the glazes are made from scratch and produce many different brilliant colors. I also do a pottery wheel demos.

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Amy Ikenn

Amy Ikenn Glasswork
Kildeer, IL

I am focused on sharing my love of color through unique glasswork. Inspired by impressionists and modern artists I begins with sheets of glass and ground glass in many different colors.

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Yoshiko Kozawa

Studio Giverny
Minneapolis, MN
Etsy Shop

I am inspired by nature and like to translate them into clay. I hand make each piece out of thin slab/sheets of clay and hand mix all of my glazes for unique finishes.

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Tanya Leslie

Boonesmill, VA

Functional and nonfunctional raku pottery all hand thrown or hand sculpted altered vessels

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Tom Nedobeck

Milwaukee, WI

Stained and leaded glass windows, made with stained glass, bevels, glass jewels and clear glass. All windows are constructed with lead came and zinc came boarder and then soldiered.

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Teresa Soriano

Mosaic Art Professionals
Middleton, WI
Etsy Shop

I begin my pieces with color exploration and then the patient creation of confetti and layering. I heat, cold work and sculpt with multiple 24 hour fusing cycles.

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Natalie Steinmetz

Windy City Ceramics
Chicago, IL

My work is made from wheel thrown functional forms with contemporary surface treatments. Using firings ranging from cone 018-10 I am able to layer soft floral patterns with my own hand drawn decals.

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Michael Terra

Terra Cottage Ceramics
Paducah, KY

I am a poet and a sculptor. My body of work is hand sculpted in stoneware and evolves around my own poetry, quips, and wordplay.

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Kyle Osvog

Jackson, GA

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