Ceramics & Glass

Tracy Burton

Scratchy Eye Studio
Chicago, IL

I work mostly in terracotta clay with bright surface designs. Most work incorporates sgraffito. My subject matter is influenced by life experiences a woman, teacher, daughter, sister and wife.

Tracy Burton2019-08-16T20:00:47+00:00

Sharon Fujimoto

Amherst Junction, WI

All work is hand blown molten glass using various colored glasses in the form of powders, grit and chards. I also use gold and silver leaf and foil.

Sharon Fujimoto2019-08-16T19:38:13+00:00

Amy Ikenn

Amy Ikenn Glasswork
Kildeer, IL

I am focused on sharing my love of color through unique glasswork. Inspired by impressionists and modern artists I begins with sheets of glass and ground glass in many different colors.

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Mandy Park

Winfield, IL

My shop features wares that are raku, gas, electric, wood and soda fired. Glazes are made from scratch which allows for a variety of hues and color combinations that makes each piece unique.

Mandy Park2019-08-16T18:07:29+00:00

Jack Pine

Jack Pine Studio
Laurelville. OH

All pieces are hand blown at 2000 degrees. I use layers of colored enamels and precious metals.

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Natalie Steinmetz

Windy City Ceramics
Chicago, IL

My work is made from wheel thrown functional forms with contemporary surface treatments. Using firings ranging from cone 018-10 I am able to layer soft floral patterns with my own hand drawn decals.

Natalie Steinmetz2019-08-15T03:00:12+00:00

Gregory Story

Modern Clay
Chicago, IL

Handbuilt, carved, and painstakingly glazed ceramic sculpture and wall sculpture. Drawing on architectural influences, fabric design and modern ceramics, these elements mix to create modern artifacts.

Gregory Story2019-08-16T01:45:25+00:00

Michael Terra

Terra Cottage Ceramics
Paducah, KY

As a poet and sculptor I hand sculpt in both language and stoneware ceramic. All work is high fired. All the writing you see is my own original poetry, quips, and wordplay.

Michael Terra2019-08-15T02:55:22+00:00

James Weiler

Collaborator: Todd Manicki
Main Street Murrini
Farmer City, IL

Our primary focus is combining disciplines in the glass arts from ancient glass blowing to contemporary kiln-working. Through this integration, we strive to push the boundaries of modern glass art.

James Weiler2019-08-16T02:01:46+00:00

James Wilbat

Deerfield, IL

I combine various techniques in my hot glass work, including blowing, fusing and sandblasting, to create my uniquely textured, vibrant, whimsical glass and reflecting my love of abstract art.

James Wilbat2019-08-16T16:00:02+00:00

Glenn Woods

Collaborator: Keith Herbrand
Palm Harbor, FL

The focus of our work is inspired by objects found in nature. Each piece is created from fine porcelains, carved, beaded, pierced, and finally glazed with a matte or glossy crystalline glaze.

Glenn Woods2019-08-16T01:27:23+00:00