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Cat Clausen

Cathee A. Clausen Fine Art
Dwight, IL

Long Live Lincoln!

Cat Clausen2019-08-21T16:51:09+00:00

Matthew Coglianese

Chicago, IL

Dye sublimation photographic prints of my digital art and photography on aluminum sheet metal.

Matthew Coglianese2019-08-15T02:41:39+00:00

James Cole

James McArthur Cole Photography
Plainfield, IL

I am a Fine Art Photographer. I photograph with a Nikon D850, Nikon D5 and Hasselblad. I print on my Epson P8000. My photography is framed behind museum grade grade glass, with 8ply mat and wood mold.

James Cole2019-08-15T00:32:51+00:00

Jenn Crisan

Sharon, PA

Acrylics develop into an abstracted landscape with multiple layers, working to build texture and form with a unique, minimal color palette.

Jenn Crisan2019-08-16T16:07:57+00:00

Kim Crocker

Kim Crocker Designs
New Prague, MN

Each piece individually formed using an acetylene torch. Techniques include drawn metal, forging, hydraulic press, rolling mill texturing with handmade stone settings done in sterling silver and gold.

Kim Crocker2019-08-16T17:39:02+00:00

JD Davison

Collaborator: JD Shipengrover
Lab Partners
Upper Arlington, OH

We create jewelry by etching, forming, and casting sterling silver and acrylic sheet. Layers of transparent pigment are hand-applied to each piece. Our designs are inspired by science and nature.

JD Davison2019-08-15T00:44:11+00:00

JD Dennison

Troy, MI

I digitally invert images and mirror them to form unique patterns, as well as take photographs at night with a flash and invert them to the negative so darks and lights are reversed then I mirror the image along different axes and mount the photo to acrylic.

JD Dennison2019-08-15T00:51:27+00:00

Roger Disney

Tulsa, OK

With long shutter speeds and dusk lighting the artist captures urban photos from around the world and returns home to interpret them in the studio with these large scale palette knife oils on canvas.

Roger Disney2019-08-15T15:33:40+00:00

Prince Duncan-Williams

Prince Silk Creations
Las Vegas, NV

I first sketch the composition on a leather board, spread adhesive all over the board then carefully hand lay colors of silk cords down by hand.

Prince Duncan-Williams2019-08-16T19:22:38+00:00

Brian Eppley

Mechanicsburg, PA

My oils are based on observation. I work both on location and in studio.

Brian Eppley2019-08-16T00:04:11+00:00

Scott Fincher

Scott Fincher Photography
Chicago, IL

Limited edition archival inkjet prints framed or matted to museum/conservation standards.

Scott Fincher2019-08-15T15:38:39+00:00

Val Fischer

Fay’s Artworks
Tinley Park, IL

I start with a pencil drawing on canvas then I do an underpainting followed by several transparent layers of soft body acrylic paint. I work randomly until I achieve the desired color tone and balance

Val Fischer2019-08-15T16:16:30+00:00

Scott Fishman

Scott Fishman Photography
Chicago, IL

Aerial and architectural images of Chicago skylines, cityscapes, and landmarks taken from helicopters.

Scott Fishman2019-08-15T15:41:36+00:00

McKenzie Fisk

Beverly Hills, CA

Oil paint layered to mimic the refractory quality of light.

McKenzie Fisk2019-08-15T02:44:48+00:00

Gregory Frederic

Green Bay, WI

In my eclectic work, I break up objects with refraction lines allowing the dispersion of light. I custom mix layers of acrylic paint to create the desired depth and vibrant synergy within each piece.

Gregory Frederic2019-08-16T01:36:39+00:00

Michele Friedman

Chicago, IL

Fabricated jewelry in sterling, 18k bi-metal and wool. I developed a technique to incorporate color, pattern & texture into my work by manipulating wool felt into shapes and treating them as stones.

Michele Friedman2019-08-16T19:08:29+00:00

Sharon Fujimoto

Amherst Junction, WI

All work is hand blown molten glass using various colored glasses in the form of powders, grit and chards. I also use gold and silver leaf and foil.

Sharon Fujimoto2019-08-16T19:38:13+00:00

Julie Furgat

Angel Wear Designs
Western Springs, IL

I fabricate my jewelry out of .999 fine silver sheet metal and PMC Clay, Wire wrap high quality gemstones beads, and cut stones for pendants and earrings. My jewelry reflects nature and all things organic.

Julie Furgat2019-08-16T16:22:59+00:00

Yoram Gal

Tel Aviv, Israel

Watercolor, gouache, pen and acrylic on paper and canvas, capturing fleeting moments of dramatic, comic and lyrical interactions between people. Juicifying landscapes from realism to abstract.

Yoram Gal2019-08-15T16:26:04+00:00

Lee Galusha

Chicago, IL

One-fold-a-time: Individually folded paper made into butterflies, dragon flies, peacocks, etc in shadow box.

Lee Galusha2019-08-16T17:54:03+00:00