Steve Connell

Chicago, IL

Chicago Night is a series of digital iPad paintings capturing the moody, urban isolation of diners, bars, theaters, etc., all late at night. Printed as multiple sizes on various surfaces.

Jamison Glisczinski

Jamison Studios
Appleton, WI

Jamison uses a combination of stoneware clay and steel. His work is individually hand built, high fired and glazed with multiple layers of traditional glazes, after which he integrates metal elements.

Marvin Shafer

Q3 Art
Chicago, IL

Marvin cuts, polishes, forges, anodizes and hand dyes each element, before assembly. Mobiles balanced for beauty.

Stephanee Ann

Stephanee Ann Art
Fort Myers, FL

Stephanee’s paintings are created with energy portrayed into color, expressing an emotional outcome.

David Sear

David Sear Art
Wawautosa, WI

The media David uses is a mix of charcoal, graphite, color pencil with acrylic. A grid based on the Golden Section or a related variation is drawn on each surface used as a composition diagram.

Kiera Pohl

Kiera P Handmade Jewelry
Oak Park, IL

Using mainly gold filled and sterling silver metals Kiera bends, cuts, solders, and hammers the materials into simple, geometric shapes. She likes to experiment with mixing metals and adding semi-precious stones.

Jon Welborn

Jon Welborn Studio
Pittsburg, TX

Wood turned and carved, live edge, decorative hollow forms and sculpture from salvaged timber. All pieces created from a single, solid piece of found or salvaged wood.

Chris Tennant

Heathen Hoard Studio
Columbus, OH

Cold cast sculptures of animals, portraits, and landscapes. Pieces are molded, hand built and finished by hand.

Allison & Jonathan Metzger

Midnight Oil Studio & Workshop
Des Moines, IA

Hand-pulled, silkscreen prints and monotype collages. All layers and textures are hand created by the collaborative artist couple. Acrylic ink on Archival paper. Limited editions.

Jack Kraig

Kack Kraig Photography, Inc
Evanston, IL

Digital still life photographs printed on premium canvas and paper in limited addition. A images printed at my studio
by myself.

Mike Baker

3rdEye Photographic
Bolingbrook, IL

Fine art photography begins with a vision. I capture my images via digital cameras/lenses, edit via Photoshop and other software tools, convert to b&w, print. The final product is matted/framed.

Gary Love

Gary Love Photography
Green Cove Springs, FL

Paper photograph is mounted to aluminum with a non glare UV protective finish. Images are taken with large format film and medium format digital. Extreme clarity and detail as if you’re there in person.

Brian Schmidt

Lower Woodland Studio
Saint Paul, MN

Brian paints with oils in layers, starting with a toned underpainting and building up to glazed layers. Background elements are painted with a softer emphasis, foreground items contain more texture/lines.

Channing Wilson

Rustic Oils by Channing
Crystal Lake, IL
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Oil paint a loose sketch on stretched canvas, next scrub a color blockin, brush work and then finger painted for extra texture and color to depict Illustrative subjects in a whimsical humorous style.

Esmeralda Ruiz

Emerald Art Gallery
Naples, FL

Esmeralda uses acrylic paint on canvas or board. Then sketches with brush, then with a brush and pallet knife adds layers of color to create a piece of art.

Roy Rodriguez

Roy Rodriguez Fine Arts
Doral, FL

Roy creates muses, with them he intends to capture the beauty and thoughts in women through conceptual lines and rich colors enhanced with various forms of texture using oil, acrylic, charcoal in paper and canvas.

Valerie Mazza

Streeterval Art
Chicago, IL

Valerie creates abstract acrylic paintings on stretched canvas by using brushes, palette knives, masonry tools, stencils, scrapers, pipettes and splatters to create intriguing textures, shapes and effects.

Kellie Brace

Wabash, IN

Kellie’s art uses a variety of mediums some of which include acrylics, papers, with oil and cold wax or encaustic medium. She sometimes limits her palette but does not preplan her art. Kellie paints the energy she feels.

Annette Fiscelli

LINKS by Annette
Oak Park, IL

Annette uses a variety of techniques to make a wide range of products all from repurposed bicycle parts. She carves wood clocks, sew bags from inner tubes, weave floor mats and much more.

Bruce Reinfeld

High Fidelity Gallery
Philadelphia, PA

Large-scale lenticular abstract and photo-based mixed media. The image changes based on viewer perspective.