Diana Gonzalez

As the Crow Flies Studio
Wilmette, IL
Etsy Shop

Using found and recycled objects, biological materials and ephemera, combining collage and mixed media technique, I create both 2D and 3D art.

Diana Gonzalez2018-07-26T20:50:13+00:00

Nyle Gordon

Ethel, MO

Original works on canvas, produced in the studio and on site. I use palette knives, brushes and oil.

Nyle Gordon2018-07-31T21:53:32+00:00

Steve Grant

Evanston, IL

Chinese ink and watercolor on Chinese paper and framed.

Steve Grant2018-07-31T22:22:09+00:00

Denise Handwerker

Elmwood Park, IL

I make material from second-hand clothing. I deconstruct the clothing, wash or felt it to make material in a washing machine. I then hand or machine sew into functional or wearable objects.

Denise Handwerker2018-09-06T21:02:00+00:00

Scott Hartley

Ann Arbor, MI

Transparent watercolor on paper.

Scott Hartley2018-07-31T22:14:48+00:00

Ali Hasmut

Chicago, IL

Oil color paintings of figures, portraits and still-life on canvas, linen and board.

Ali Hasmut2018-07-26T17:53:45+00:00

Todd Hubler

Hubler Furniture Co.
McFarland, WI
Etsy Shop

The cutting boards, iPad stands, and tables I make are from recycled city trees from the Madison/Dane County, Wisconsin area. My birdhouses are made from wood cutoffs, glued together.

Todd Hubler2018-09-06T21:14:14+00:00

Amy Huisinga

Chicago, IL

My acrylic paintings incorporate added textured gel mediums and various painting surfaces to create dimensional effects within the scene, giving the viewer a sense of involvement.

Amy Huisinga2018-07-31T23:33:17+00:00

Amy Ikenn

Amy Ikenn Glasswork
Kildeer, IL

I am focused on sharing my love of color through unique glasswork. Inspired by impressionists and modern artists I begins with sheets of glass and ground glass in many different colors.

Amy Ikenn2018-09-06T21:05:42+00:00

Hanan Ingel

Erez Ancient Coin Jewelry
Berkeley, CA

We create handmade pieces of wearable art by combining ancient Greek and Roman coins with hand designed and hand made jewelry in sterling silver and gold using soldering and fabrication techniques.

Hanan Ingel2018-07-26T21:05:26+00:00

Olimpia Iuhas

Mount Prospect, IL
Etsy Shop

I adore creating “one of a kind pieces” but the most of all, I love creating my own fabrics using reusable materials like: silk, wool, leather, cotton, velvet, yarn, etc.

Olimpia Iuhas2018-09-06T21:02:25+00:00

Tim Jarosz

Chicago IL

Digital photo collages, created from original photographs, dye sublimated on glossy chromaluxe board or aluminum sheet metal.

Tim Jarosz2018-07-31T22:54:48+00:00

Nadine King

Hand and Spirit Jewelry
Mt. Carroll, IL

Sterling, 18 and 22kt gold, precious stones, rare jaspers. Fused and etched metals. Reticulation, forming. Stones are bezel, prong or tube set with some inlay. All pieces start with sheet and wire.

Nadine King2018-07-26T22:33:10+00:00

Yoshiko Kozawa

Studio Giverny
Minneapolis, MN
Etsy Shop

I am inspired by nature and like to translate them into clay. I hand make each piece out of thin slab/sheets of clay and hand mix all of my glazes for unique finishes.

Yoshiko Kozawa2018-07-31T23:17:42+00:00

Kenneth Kudulis

Chattanooga, TN

I draw my original characters from scratch w/ ink, scan and then paint the creature using a water color technique in Photoshop. Once complete, the characters are collaged into my original photography.

Kenneth Kudulis2018-07-26T21:51:14+00:00

Jennifer Lashbrook

Lashbrook Studios
Dallas, TX

I use recycled paint chips to create pixilated artwork of nostalgic images. When viewed at a distance or thru a cell phone, it changes from indiscernible color blocks into clear, recognizable images.

Jennifer Lashbrook2018-09-06T21:04:48+00:00

Tanya Leslie

Boonesmill, VA

Functional and nonfunctional raku pottery all hand thrown or hand sculpted altered vessels

Tanya Leslie2018-07-31T22:48:27+00:00

Mik Major

Collaborator: Rebecca Major
Major Departure
Chicago, IL

Graphic, bright, colorful, full-of-life photographs and drone photography from around the world printed in multiple sizes.

Mik Major2018-07-26T22:30:36+00:00

Anastasia Mak

Chicago, IL

My paintings are inspired by cities and destinations. I combine many layers of acrylic paint with pen and scratching – all applied to canvas or wood.

Anastasia Mak2018-07-26T18:46:32+00:00

David Mayhew

David Mayhew Photography
Fort Collins, CO

Skyscapes, chasing the perfect storm for the ideal light to capture the emotions of the sky. Infused Aluminum, framed. Archival & UV protected. Editions to 30.

David Mayhew2018-07-26T19:32:13+00:00