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Aaron Sault

Sault Jewelry
Marquette, MI

Silver, gold, copper, bronze, and stones are stitched, set, raised, riveted, formed and forged. All work is hand fabricated and one of a kind.

Adam Hoffman

Salt Lake City, UT

Adam uses math equations to create fractal geometry which he layers and colors to create complex organic feeling scenes. His work is created from scratch, it is not photomanipulation of any kind.

Alex Grimmer

Deadwax Art
Dallas, TX

I take old vinyl records and carve out artwork from them. I use a wood burning tool to carve out the record. Each record is made on a different artist, making each record a one of a kind piece.

Allison & Jonathan Metzger

Midnight Oil Studio & Workshop
Des Moines, IA

Hand-pulled, silkscreen prints and monotype collages. All layers and textures are hand created by the collaborative artist couple. Acrylic ink on Archival paper. Limited editions.

Amanda Brodie Stenlund

ABS Fine Art LLC
Chicago, IL

I’m a traditional realist painter who likes lots of color, visible brushstrokes, an unusual point of view, and little surprising moments. I use brushes, palette knives, and more to get the right marks.

Amy Huisinga

Amy Huisinga Artworks
Chicago, IL

My acrylic paintings incorporate added textured gel mediums and various painting surfaces to create dimensional effects within the scene, giving the viewer a sense of involvement.

Anastasia Mak

Anastasia Mak Art
Chicago, IL

My paintings are inspired by travel and nature. They combine many layers of acrylics and paint pen lines, applied to canvas or wood.

Andrea Kaiser

Glass Sky Jewelry
Columbus, OH

Starting with sterling silver sheet and wire, Andrea uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to texture, saw, form, shape, solder and enamel. Designed to connect us to patterns, rhythms of our natural world.

Andrew Arkell

Andrew Arkell Art LLC
Chicago, IL

All paintings are on watercolor paper, with the paint applied in various ways, primarily with a brush but also via an airbrush. Reference images are used, and are photographs taken by the artist.

Andrew Sechin

Sechin Fine Art
Oak Park, IL

Henry David Thoreau said, “It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see. The beauty of nature inspires my artwork. I call it “evocative” because its goal is to awaken your inner vision.

Anita Peters

Barrington, IL

Anita’s designs are art forms of wire sculpture, chainmail and metalsmithing. Inspiration comes from the Yemenite silversmith.She combines modern trends with ancient arabesque look using mix metals.

Anke Eichstaedt-Trampler

Ann Arbor, MI

A modern leather bag collection, crafted with a palette of selected colors using different techniques like embroidery, marquetry and sewing.

Annette Fiscelli

LINKS by Annette
Oak Park, IL

Annette uses a variety of techniques to make a wide range of products all from repurposed bicycle parts. She carves wood clocks, sew bags from inner tubes, weave floor mats and much more.

Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle Photo
Minneapolis, MN

Conservation and wildlife photographer sharing nature’s stories through specially coated metal prints with infused dyes. With a time-blending influence, Brian’s visually captivating art freezes the movement of time. He aims for his photographs to stimulate conversation and promote environmental literacy to help shape how people understand, interact with, and interpret the world we live in. All images were captured in the field.

Brian Schmidt

Lower Woodland Studio
Saint Paul, MN

Brian paints with oils in layers, starting with a toned underpainting and building up to glazed layers. Background elements are painted with a softer emphasis, foreground items contain more texture/lines.

Bruce Reinfeld

High Fidelity Gallery
Philadelphia, PA

Large-scale lenticular abstract and photo-based mixed media. The image changes based on viewer perspective.