Eugene Benes

Pens by Gene
Homer Glen, IL

Hand turned pens made from wood and acrylic utilizing solid material, segmenting and inlay techniques. Hand finished. Additional materials include feathers, snake skin, shell, paper and thread.

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Joel & Karma Brokaw

Collaborator: Keilah Graber
JK Creative Wood
Kalona, IA

Hardwoods are hand cut and glued to create striped and chevron designs. Food safe mineral oil is applied to cutting boards, a moisture proof finish to chess boards and coasters.


Joel & Karma Brokaw 2017-07-28T19:09:16+00:00

Todd Hubler

Hubler Furniture Co.
McFarland, WI
Etsy Shop

The cutting boards and ipad stands I make are from recycled city trees from the Madison/Dane County, Wisconsin area.  My birdhouses are made from plywood, scraps of wood and ceramic tiles.

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Robert Johnson

Johnson Custom Furniture
Lake Geneva, WI

Using figured woods to create furniture & accessories. By repeated dyeing and sanding to “pop” the figure of the wood to highlight its’ natural beauty, and achieve the desired color I’m looking for.

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Paul Segedin

Chicago, IL

I create unique furniture primarily using sustainable, locally sourced woods from the Chicago-area in conjunction with copper pipe. Together, these form modern, dramatic pieces of furniture.

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Jamie Tubbs

Collaborator: Nathan Tubbs
Prophet Gypsy Robot
Chicago, IL

I use textile, fiber and wood to make large scale, interior design driven pieces which seek to elevate artisan craft skills for today’s design palette.

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