Hiroshi Ariyama

Limited edition, hand printed original screen prints.

Chicago, IL


Mel Fleck

Images are hand-pulled, painted, and embossed intaglio acid etchings.

Taylorsville, KY

Jason Fricke

Limited edition serigraphs using mesh screens and archival materials.

Milwaukee, WI


Stephanie Keller

Handmade block prints of iconic Chicago imagery. Each color separation is an individual carved block, up to 4 blocks per single design. Printed with oil based inks onto archival paper.

Chicago, IL


Ken Swanson

Linoleum block prints: I carve my original design into a block of linoleum, print the carving on white archival paper using black oil ink, then hand-paint the result with transparent acrylic inks.

Racine, WI


Judy Zeddies

Techniques include monotypes, collagraphs and screen prints, many in combination.

Chicago, IL