Scott Hartley

Ann Arbor, MI

Transparent watercolor on paper.

Scott Hartley 2017-07-28T00:14:29+00:00

Peter Jablokow

Evanston, IL

Transparent watercolor on arches #300 lb paper, usually old, heavy, detailed industrial object like trains and bridges with smaller works of food and flowers, which have a similar texture to old machi.

Peter Jablokow 2017-07-28T00:16:31+00:00

Nancy Koop

Chicago, IL

Like to paint outside but often work in studio using my sketches and photos–fresh color, soft or bold. Want to connect with viewer via a smile, nostalgia, memories or even WOW!

Nancy Koop 2017-08-07T23:43:11+00:00

Howard Scott

Waterspot Studio
South Bend, IN

My watercolors are tongue-in-cheek humor, the images are of maps and charts portraying imaginary places, concepts and ideas. My intent is to engage the viewers imagination and leave them smiling.

Howard Scott 2017-08-08T00:13:28+00:00