Cat Clausen

Oil portraits of Lincoln on archival acetate, then mounted to gallery wrapped canvas.

Dwight, IL

Dan Cuevas

Oil on canvas.

Chicago, IL

Jim Dee

Repetition and destruction to create patterns of color and texture to examine simple beauty in all things.

Chicago, IL

Roger Disney

Work is oil applied to stretched canvas entirely with the use of palette knife.

Tulsa, OK

Ali Hasmut

Oil paintings on canvas, linen and board.

Chicago, IL

Nodar Khokhobashvili

Oil paintings on rustic wood panels.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Cindy Marrazzo

Accurately drawings by applying oils with direct painting.

Fox River Grove, IL

Nancie King Mertz

Much of my work in oil or pastel is done on-site around the world.

Chicago, IL

Chuck Meyers

Intense pigment concentration in fine oil paintings.

Chicago, IL

Ken Reif

Oil on canvas with black and with an impressionist palette.

Berwyn, IL

Joseph Smigielski

Improvised abstraction that come to life with brushwork. Often whimsical and playful characters are expressing joy in everyday activities.

Chicago, IL

Lidia Wylangowska

Oil paint on different textures and materials of the human body for simple reason: it’s a demanding subject. It requires constant learning.

Crete, IL