Matthew Adamczyk

Utilizing acrylic and oil paint, aspects of pop art and geometry are blended to depict the vibrant world around us.

Chicago, IL

Shane Anderson

Acrylic paint painted on canvas or wood.

Lakeville, MN

Val Fischer

Perspective drawings on canvas with several layers of acrylic paint.

Tinley Park, IL

Amy Huisinga

Acrylic paintings incorporate with added textured mediums and painting surfaces to create dimensional effects.

Chicago, IL

Ty Kelly

My work is primarily a clicked on canvas applied with various materials and techniques.

Edmond, OK

Kenneth Kudulis

Imagery deconstructed to transform them into new works. Images are hand drawn, then scaled to size onto canvas and painted with acrylic.

Chattanooga, TN

Deborah Link

Semi abstract and abstract original paintings in acrylic on stretched canvas. Layering and glazing of paints thick and thin to achieve depth and texture.

Galena, OH

Karina Llergo

Poured acrylics on canvas, experimenting with its reaction by throwing water, alcohol, ink, salt and oil, finding ways to evoke energy through human motion.

Northbrook, IL

Justin Miller

Acrylic paint on canvas and panel.

Brookfield, IL

Peter Thaddeus

Vibrant acrylic paintings using whimsical line-work and contrasting colors.  From nature to architecture and beyond, a variety of subject matter in an identifiable style.

Warrenville, IL

Bala Thiagarajan

Mandalas with acrylic paint on canvas for their ephemeral nature onto enduring surfaces.

Wood Dale, IL

Brett Whitacre

Reverse glass painting. Re-purposed window panes reverse painted with acrylic. Pop art/ imagist/ architecture style imagery.

Sycamore, IL