Robert Casarietti

Each original art pieces is created by applying several layers of acrylic paints with silver-gold leaf on canvas.  The results are deep dimension, movement and texture.

Fort Collins, CO

Dick Dahlstrom

3D “Junk Yard”trucks from wood & plaster, 3D fish from cedar shingles and acrylic paintings.

Wheaton, IL

Rachaela DiRosaria

A variety of 2D and 3D wooden art that is hand cut, sanded, painted and then finished with a variety of materials.

New Orleans, LA

Yoram Gal

Acrylic, gouache, tempura, ink, watercolor, pen mixed on canvas/paper, my joy of life expressionism.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Sandi Garris

Using silk as my canvas, I paint with layers of resists and liquid acrylic.  Silk absorbs color like no other medium and finished work has a rich iridescence.

State College, PA

Diana Gonzalez

Using found and scavenged objects, ephemera, biological materials and various mythologies and styles, I create surreal mixed media assemblages and 2D collage.

Wilmette, IL

Dewey James

I create an image montage that I print to transparent film using pigment based archival inks layered between sheets of acrylic with a painted back layer and mounted in to a handmade shadowboxed frame.

Minneapolis, MN

Esteban Kremen

Mixed Media, acrylic, oil, ink, spray paint collage on canvas.

Brooklyn, NY

Anastasia Mak

My paintings are created from my photos and sketches of destinations that I have visited. I combine layers of acrylics with pens, markers, and some collage – all applied to canvas or wooden board.

Chicago, IL

Kate Morgan

Additive & subtractive layers of paper, paints, inks, dyes, metals, woods, leather, clay and resin.

Columbus, OH

Dean Myton

Functional pieces from recycled and sustainable materials: cold steel, cast iron, recycled wine crates and reclaimed wood from condemned homes using traditional and unique metal and wood working techniques.

Akron, OH

Penélope Osio-Brown

I develop textural fields of intense color and expressive markings with various gels and molding pastes.

Elmhurst, IL

Mariano Pilatti

Modern forms of street art such as spray paint, stencils with traditional fine art techniques including acrylic and palette knife painting.

Brooklyn, NY

Stephen Steininger

Acrylic paints, pastels, and inks are used on birch plywood. I carve through these layers for more detail, and often add hardware and fabric.

Altoona, IA

Tai Taeoalii

Surreal creations of ballpoint pen drawings on film including further highlights, details and background colors created with the use of pencils, pastels, charcoals and a drizzle of watercolors.

Hannibal, MO

Kate Tillman

All images created with hand manipulated film negatives, b&w printed in darkroom on metal using liquid emulsion, mounted on wood with resin. Color images cut, glued back together to make image.

Lakeville, IN

Ken Wilson

Mixed media collage assembled with nostalgic found photos and reclaimed wood often constructed around an acrylic portrait.

Chicago, IL

Nestor Yulfo

Hand carved layers of acrylic polymer, patinated iron oxide, graphite, gold leafing and black enamel paint on various exotic woods.

Chicago, IL