Christine Bartling

My original hand carved wax patterns are cast into gold/sterling, assembled and finished by hand, some with details of exotic wood, inlays of ebony and synthetic marble, some faceted stones for color.

Park Ridge, IL

Sher Berman

My work involves woven beaded jewelry that combines contemporary, edgy silhouettes with the ancient art of lamp working. Most pieces are bead crochet designed with unique glass beads.

Deerfield, IL

Susan Gelbuda

I manipulate an industrial material, metal, into innovative forms that are sculptural and wearable.

Western Springs, IL

Hanan Ingel

We create handmade pieces of wearable art by combining ancient Greek and Roman coins with hand designed and hand made jewelry in sterling silver and gold using soldering and fabrication techniques.

Berkeley, CA

Allison Kallaway-Young

Fabricated sterling silver jewelry with gold and gemstone accents. One of a kind and limited production work crafted and signed by the artist. Modern, industrial and sophisticated.

Kalispell, MT

Nadine King

Fused, etched metals with stones create different shapes and textures.

Mt. Carroll, IL

Eric & Glenda Lundgren

Pieces are made from sterling silver and semi precious stones, each one unique from sheet and wire.

Holly Hill, FL

Anita Peters

The combination of wire sculpture, chain mail and metal smithing to create an ancient look with and unique stones.

Barrington, IL

Sue Rosengard

Silver, gold, pearls, stones hand fabricated using pliers, mandrels, fingers and hands.

Chicago, IL

Jane & Susan Shaffer

Textured silver jewelry hand fabricated through forging, soldering, and hydraulic press.  Also hand knitted wire and leather jewelry that stands alone and accents the silver jewelry.

Mount Prospect, IL

Lisa Slodki

I form and hammer sterling and gold wire to create designs based on geometry and patterns in nature.

Chicago, IL

Laura Stamper

I create one of a kind sculpture to wear using original porcelain sculptures, enamel work, precious metals and gemstones influenced by nature and the female form.

New Hope, MN

Martin Taber

Gold and silver hand-sculpted into two-tone mechanical & modular masterpieces. Accented with Fairtrade sapphires and ethically sourced diamonds for integrity of materials, artisanship and design.

Berkeley, CA