Dawn Donati

Westchester, IL

Hand made glass Using techniques in frit painting copper foil and fused glass I believe Art has a voice what we tell ourselves matters!

Dawn Donati 2017-07-26T23:51:49+00:00

Christine Dossett

Silver Linings Studio
Normal, IL

My glass landscapes utilize glass of various sizes, 6 – 7 layers thick, fused in a glass kiln @ 1550 degrees for 21 hours. This process produces depth like a glass paperweight.

Christine Dossett 2017-07-27T00:02:01+00:00

Amy Ikenn

Amy Ikenn Glasswork
Kildeer, IL

Sheets of glass and ground glass are combined in a kiln at high temperatures to produce beautiful one of a kind results.

Amy Ikenn 2017-07-26T23:59:43+00:00

Robin Kittleson

Geneva, IL

Kiln formed glass with a focus on the functional. Made from hand pulled murrini, a traditional glass technique, reinterpreted in a modern context.

Robin Kittleson 2017-07-26T23:50:20+00:00

Tom Nedobeck

Milwaukee, WI

Stained and leaded glass windows, made with stained glass, bevels, glass jewels and clear glass. All windows are constructed with lead came and zinc came boarder and then soldiered.

Tom Nedobeck 2017-07-26T23:54:32+00:00

Marianne Shepardson

Shepardson Studios
Black Mountain, NC

To create my vibrant glass tableware & lighting, I cut, fuse & slump colorful, iridescent sheet glass. I also create patterns and texture with glass powders, and frit, and handmade molds.

Marianne Shepardson 2017-07-26T23:56:15+00:00

Teresa Soriano

Mosaic Art Professionals
Middleton, WI
Etsy Shop

Fused glass art with function. I use advanced techniques: layering, slumping, draping, and combing.

Teresa Soriano 2017-07-26T23:53:09+00:00

Michael Thompson

Boones Mill, VA

Glass sculptures, wall hangings, and vessels; multiple layers of glass, kiln formed and cold worked. With attached glass base.

Michael Thompson 2017-07-26T23:58:26+00:00

Brett Whitacre

Sycamore, IL

I selected glass as my description but basically i paint on glass in reverse with spray acrylics which achieves a vibrant, funky, and sharp finish with a great juxtaposituon between the rustic window.

Brett Whitacre 2017-07-27T00:07:48+00:00