Dawn Donati

Making small sculptures in a functional piece of conversational art “I believe that each box I create has a specific owner”.

Westchester, IL


Alison Fox

An advanced form of stained glass using vintage and antique glass inclusions such as copper, brass, jewels and gems.

Naperville, IL


Reinhard Herzog

Blown glass torch formed by melting glass pieces together at extremely high temperatures for precise, sharp lines. Colors are melded into the pieces and twisted into form.

Ballwin, MO


Amy Ikenn

Sheets of glass are cut and arranged, often with ground glass as “paint” to be fused in a kiln for different results and shapes.

Kildeer, IL


Robin Kittleson

Kiln formed glass using hand pulled murrini exploring the chemistry of minerals and silver inclusions.

Geneva, IL


Lee Klade

Warm and cold stained glass methods with traditional glass painting to add dimension.

Plainwell, MI


Teresa Soriano

Functional fused glass created and designed using techniques such as slumping, layering and combing.

Middleton, WI