Fiber Wearable

Andres Arango

Miami, FL

Leather purses handmade mixed with seeds, cowhorn and bone, using tools like patterns, thread and punch to get one of a kind bags with amazing shapes.

Andres Arango 2017-07-28T19:13:40+00:00

Frank Borelli

Collaborator: Pamela England
Borelli Bags
Lake Park, FL

Handcrafted purses mad w/ garment quality cowhide, faux hair on & exotic leathers & lined with garment pig suede. Traditional inside out and constructed layered techniques with French seems are used.


Frank Borelli 2017-08-14T16:08:33+00:00

Constance Collins

Indianapolis, IN

My handwoven fabrics are dobby weaves, small repeating geometric shapes. Many fabrics are reversible giving two looks in one piece. Fibers include alpaca, bamboo, silk and perle cottons primarily.

Constance Collins 2017-07-26T23:27:59+00:00

Denise Handwerker

Elmwood Park, IL

I create functional or wearable accessories from repurposed clothing, such as, wool sweaters, wool suits, cotton shirts, or leather. I make felt from the wool and then sew and/or crochet.

Denise Handwerker 2017-08-07T23:21:59+00:00

Olimpia Iuhas

Mount Prospect, IL
Etsy Shop

I love creating my own fabrics using different kind of materials, like silk, leather, yarn, wool etc., sewn together in a unique pattern that can not be duplicated.

Olimpia Iuhas 2017-07-26T23:36:05+00:00

Megan Keach

Chicago, IL

I combine classic millinery techniques with modern design to create one-of-a-kind hats and accessories, focusing on embellished felt.

Megan Keach 2017-07-26T23:32:51+00:00

Kristen Langelier

My Urban Poncho
Park City, UT

I use high quality, organic, woven fabrics and sew them in to a very lightweight poncho that can be worn multiple ways. Ponchos are colorful and vibrant and are truly wearable art.

Kristen Langelier 2017-07-26T23:40:06+00:00

Kate Strong

Strong Wear
Chicago, IL

Cut & sewn hat shapes made of hi-tech fabrics, manipulated by poking holes, stitching with satin ribbon & using hand-formed details. Each hat is washable, even the ribbon, & has earflaps for the cold.

Kate Strong 2017-07-26T23:47:22+00:00