Shawn Barbagallo

All pieces are hand-built/wheel thrown and fired through the Japanese Raku firing process. All of the glazes are made from scratch and produce many different brilliant colors. I also do a pottery wheel demos.

South Beloit, IL

Karen Bell

Hand built, high fire stoneware with multiple glaze firings at successively lower temperatures. May have inlay of glass eyes, spines,or semi precious stones.

Spring Green, WI

Natalie Steinmetz

I’ve been work in with clay for over 20 years.  What started as an intriguing hobby, grew into a talent, and has matured into a full time career.  I find comfort a sense of peacefulness in the studio.

Chicago, IL

Michael Terra

Hand sculpted high fired stoneware layered with oxides, glazes and my own original poetry and wordplay.

Paducah, KY