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Nancie King Mertz

Collaborator: Ron Mertz
Chicago, IL

Much of my work is plein air in pastel or oil, inspired from Chicago & destinations around the world. As a Master Pastelist, I teach across the US and in Europe and offer pastel products and videos.

Nancie King Mertz2018-07-26T22:36:22+00:00

Chuck Meyers

Chicago, IL

Small outdoor paintings are most often plein air. The largest paintings are done in the studio from my own source material. I use between 12 to 16 colors on the palette. I always paint, a la prima.

Chuck Meyers2018-07-26T19:23:51+00:00

Kate Morgan

Kate Morgan Image Design
Columbus, OH

Additive and subtractive layers of collage, painting, drawing and gold leaf on wood panels

Kate Morgan2018-07-26T21:38:28+00:00

Tom Nedobeck

Milwaukee, WI

Stained and leaded glass windows, made with stained glass, bevels, glass jewels and clear glass. All windows are constructed with lead came and zinc came boarder and then soldiered.

Tom Nedobeck2018-09-06T21:05:59+00:00

Richard James Nelson

St. Paul, MN

I create limited edition woodblock prints based on first hand sketches I make in the field. Each color is printed with a separate hand carved block of wood. I use archival ink and French paper.

Richard James Nelson2018-07-31T22:07:37+00:00

Penélope Osio-Brown

Osio-Brown Studios, Ltd.
Elmhurst, IL

I develop textural fields of intense color & expressive markings with various gels and molding pastes.

Penélope Osio-Brown2018-07-31T22:01:05+00:00

Andrew Ozark

Livonia, MI

I make cool stuff from junky metal parts- robots, lamps tables, ray-guns.

Andrew Ozark2018-07-26T18:59:10+00:00

Anita Peters

Barrington, IL

The combination of wire sculpture, chain maille and metalsmithing to create an ancient arabesque look using mix metals and unique stones. Inspiration comes from the Yemenite silversmith.

Anita Peters2018-07-26T19:01:56+00:00

Ken Reif

Berwyn, IL

Nature themed impressionist oil painting applied to black primed canvas. My goal is to evoke emotion and convey energy to the viewer.

Ken Reif2018-07-26T21:43:46+00:00

Sue Rosengard

Chicago, IL

Silver, gold, pearls, stones – hand fabricated using pliers, mandrels, fingers & hands. Less is more! It is more challenging to create designs using less material and complexities than more.

Sue Rosengard2018-07-31T22:40:03+00:00

Ezra Siegel

Batavia, IL

I use plaster, graphite powder, and thin washes, to develop tones and textures.I am drawn to simpler cultures and art influences because of the simple and direct manner in which they express form.

Ezra Siegel2018-07-26T21:01:39+00:00

Lisa Slodki

Chicago, IL

I form and hammer sterling and gold wire to create designs based on geometry and patterns in nature.

Lisa Slodki2018-07-26T22:06:58+00:00

Teresa Soriano

Mosaic Art Professionals
Middleton, WI
Etsy Shop

I begin my pieces with color exploration and then the patient creation of confetti and layering. I heat, cold work and sculpt with multiple 24 hour fusing cycles.

Teresa Soriano2018-09-06T21:06:14+00:00

Laura Stamper

Laura Stamper Designs
New Hope, MN

Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted, combining torch fired enamels, precious metals, and gemstones.

Laura Stamper2018-07-26T21:55:23+00:00

Natalie Steinmetz

Windy City Ceramics
Chicago, IL

My work is made from wheel thrown functional forms with contemporary surface treatments. Using firings ranging from cone 018-10 I am able to layer soft floral patterns with my own hand drawn decals.

Natalie Steinmetz2018-07-26T22:39:46+00:00

Ken Swanson

Racine, WI

I make linoleum block prints. I carve my original design into a block of linoleum, print it with black oil ink onto white archival paper, then hand-paint the result with transparent acrylic inks.

Ken Swanson2018-07-26T21:46:18+00:00

Tai Taeoalii

Hannibal, MO

Surreal ballpoint pen drawings on Mylar, often infused with social and political commentary. Color pencil and watercolors used for coloring. Charcoal smearing is also used to evoke dream-like visuals.

Tai Taeoalii2018-09-06T21:07:52+00:00

Michael Terra

Terra Cottage Ceramics
Paducah, KY

I am a poet and a sculptor. My body of work is hand sculpted in stoneware and evolves around my own poetry, quips, and wordplay.

Michael Terra2018-07-26T22:25:29+00:00

Peter Thaddeus

Warrenville, IL

I create acrylic paintings on canvas using a multi-layer process. I use my smooth blending technique to create a soft, yet bold look with my vivid colors rolling off a soft bristle brush.

Peter Thaddeus2018-08-02T15:16:07+00:00

Kate Tillman

Lakeville, IN

Silver gelatin prints made in the darkroom on distressed sheet metal, mounted on handmade wooden frames. Images are finished with resin coating.

Kate Tillman2018-07-26T21:40:53+00:00