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Denise Handwerker

Elmwood Park, IL

I create functional or wearable accessories from repurposed clothing, such as, wool sweaters, wool suits, cotton shirts, or leather. I make felt from the wool and then sew and/or crochet.

Denise Handwerker 2017-08-07T23:21:59+00:00

Scott Hartley

Ann Arbor, MI

Transparent watercolor on paper.

Scott Hartley 2017-07-28T00:14:29+00:00

Ali Hasmut

Chicago, IL

Oil color paintings of figures, portraits and still-life on canvas, linen and board.

Ali Hasmut 2017-07-27T16:18:14+00:00

Heather Haymart

Ballwin, MO

I slab build using two layers of clay. A thin, pierced layer is applied over a painted layer. The piece is built and incised. Stained black and wiped in bisque stage. Fired to cone 6 oxidation.

Heather Haymart 2017-07-27T15:45:00+00:00

Todd Hubler

Hubler Furniture Co.
McFarland, WI
Etsy Shop

The cutting boards and ipad stands I make are from recycled city trees from the Madison/Dane County, Wisconsin area.  My birdhouses are made from plywood, scraps of wood and ceramic tiles.

Todd Hubler 2017-08-07T23:27:09+00:00

Amy Huisinga

Chicago, IL

My acrylic paintings incorporate added textured gel mediums and various painting surfaces to create dimensional effects within the scene, giving the viewer a sense of involvement.

Amy Huisinga 2017-07-27T16:01:47+00:00

Renzo Iglesias

L’Harmonie Creative Jewelry
Weston, FL

Fine artisanal handmade earrings made of 950 sterling silver & 14 karat gold-filled wire. All designs include Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia and/or semi-precious stones. Using 30 jewelry pliers.

Renzo Iglesias 2017-08-07T23:32:24+00:00

Amy Ikenn

Amy Ikenn Glasswork
Kildeer, IL

Sheets of glass and ground glass are combined in a kiln at high temperatures to produce beautiful one of a kind results.

Amy Ikenn 2017-07-26T23:59:43+00:00

Hanan Ingel

Erez Ancient Coin Jewelry
Berkeley, CA

We create handmade pieces of wearable art by combining ancient Greek and Roman coins with hand designed and hand made jewelry in sterling silver and gold using soldering and fabrication techniques.

Hanan Ingel 2017-08-07T23:37:09+00:00


Chicago, IL

Each handmade art print is made using the block printing method. Several layers are hand-carved out of linoleum and each layer is inked separately, laid down and repeated.

Inkling 2017-08-15T22:36:38+00:00

Olimpia Iuhas

Mount Prospect, IL
Etsy Shop

I love creating my own fabrics using different kind of materials, like silk, leather, yarn, wool etc., sewn together in a unique pattern that can not be duplicated.

Olimpia Iuhas 2017-07-26T23:36:05+00:00

Peter Jablokow

Evanston, IL

Transparent watercolor on arches #300 lb paper, usually old, heavy, detailed industrial object like trains and bridges with smaller works of food and flowers, which have a similar texture to old machi.

Peter Jablokow 2017-07-28T00:16:31+00:00

Tim Jarosz

Chicago IL

Digital photo collages, created from original photographs, dye sublimated on glossy chromaluxe board or aluminum sheet metal.

Tim Jarosz 2017-07-26T23:16:01+00:00

Robert Johnson

Johnson Custom Furniture
Lake Geneva, WI

Using figured woods to create furniture & accessories. By repeated dyeing and sanding to “pop” the figure of the wood to highlight its’ natural beauty, and achieve the desired color I’m looking for.

Robert Johnson 2017-07-28T02:02:24+00:00

Darren Jones

Chicago, IL

Combination of beach sand, recycled wood, shredded paper, industrial staples and plaster. Techniques include using both hands to apply the paint with almost no brush or palette knife work applied.

Darren Jones 2017-07-27T16:00:27+00:00

Allison Kallaway-Young

Allison Kallaway Jewelry
Kalispell, MT

Sterling silver jewelry with gemstones, fossils, found objects and mineral specimens. One of a kind crafted and signed by the artist.

Allison Kallaway-Young 2017-07-27T00:32:10+00:00

Megan Keach

Chicago, IL

I combine classic millinery techniques with modern design to create one-of-a-kind hats and accessories, focusing on embellished felt.

Megan Keach 2017-07-26T23:32:51+00:00

Kue King

Collaborator: Corbett Griffith
Woodbury, TN

With strands of wire and pliers, I curve, layer, and bend metal bundles into abstract sculptural forms. The pieces are not sketched–but inspired by living things, symmetry, and organic repetition.

Kue King 2017-07-28T00:51:53+00:00

Nadine King

Hand and Spirit Jewelry
Mt. Carroll, IL

Sterling, 18 & 22kt. gold, precious stones and rare jaspers. Fused and etched metals, reticulation, forming patinas. Stones are bezel, prong or tube set with some inlay.

Nadine King 2017-08-07T23:40:00+00:00