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Kate Strong

My hats reflect my interest in ethnic cultures and periods in history. The hat shapes and high tech fabric combine old world hand working techniques to make exceptional hats.

Chicago, IL


Sevim Surucu

Ebru is a traditional Turkish paper marbling art of creating patterns by sprinkling color pigments on water, designing flower patterns over this background and then transforming this design to paper.

Elk Grove Village, IL


Ken Swanson

Linoleum block prints: I carve my original design into a block of linoleum, print the carving on white archival paper using black oil ink, then hand-paint the result with transparent acrylic inks.

Racine, WI


Martin Taber

Gold and silver hand-sculpted into two-tone mechanical & modular masterpieces. Accented with Fairtrade sapphires and ethically sourced diamonds for integrity of materials, artisanship and design.

Berkeley, CA


Tai Taeoalii

Surreal creations of ballpoint pen drawings on film including further highlights, details and background colors created with the use of pencils, pastels, charcoals and a drizzle of watercolors.

Hannibal, MO


Herbert Tennison

Unique photography from Chicago and remote world locales.

Chicago, IL

Michael Terra

Hand sculpted high fired stoneware layered with oxides, glazes and my own original poetry and wordplay.

Paducah, KY


Peter Thaddeus

Vibrant acrylic paintings using whimsical line-work and contrasting colors.  From nature to architecture and beyond, a variety of subject matter in an identifiable style.

Warrenville, IL


Bala Thiagarajan

Mandalas with acrylic paint on canvas for their ephemeral nature onto enduring surfaces.

Wood Dale, IL


Kate Tillman

All images created with hand manipulated film negatives, b&w printed in darkroom on metal using liquid emulsion, mounted on wood with resin. Color images cut, glued back together to make image.

Lakeville, IN


Robert Van Praag

My photographs are bent and pushed away from reality using custom computer software. The result is printed on canvas and stretched over a frame, i.e., canvas wrapped.

Cincinnati, OH


Brett Whitacre

Reverse glass painting. Re-purposed window panes reverse painted with acrylic. Pop art/ imagist/ architecture style imagery.

Sycamore, IL


Don Widmer

Handmade paper, letterpress printing and artist books of architecture and nature themes.

Chicago, IL


Ken Wilson

Mixed media collage assembled with nostalgic found photos and reclaimed wood often constructed around an acrylic portrait.

Chicago, IL


Lidia Wylangowska

Oil paint on different textures and materials of the human body for simple reason: it’s a demanding subject. It requires constant learning.

Crete, IL


Nestor Yulfo

Hand carved layers of acrylic polymer, patinated iron oxide, graphite, gold leafing and black enamel paint on various exotic woods.

Chicago, IL


Judy Zeddies

Techniques include monotypes, collagraphs and screen prints, many in combination.

Chicago, IL