Matthew Adamczyk

Utilizing acrylic and oil paint, aspects of pop art and geometry are blended to depict the vibrant world around us.

Chicago, IL

Anastasia Alexandrin

My art is created through the use of individual charcoal lines to make up one larger drawing.

Philadelphia, PA

Don Ament

Pigment photographic prints of common things, surface-mounted and sealed on archival floating panels. Custom magnetic hangers allow for perfect alignment and visual continuity.

Lexington, KY

Shane Anderson

Acrylic paint painted on canvas or wood.

Lakeville, MN

Andres Arango

Leather purses handmade mixed with seeds, cow horn and bone,using tools like patterns, thread and punch to get one of a kind bags with amazing shapes.

Miami, FL

Hiroshi Ariyama

Limited edition, hand printed original screen prints.

Chicago, IL

Alejandra Avila

Handcrafted leather handbag made out of genuine leather combined with fibers.

Atlanta, GA

Shawn Barbagallo

All pieces are hand-built/wheel thrown and fired through the Japanese Raku firing process. All of the glazes are made from scratch and produce many different brilliant colors. I also do a pottery wheel demos.

South Beloit, IL

Christine Bartling

My original hand carved wax patterns are cast into gold/sterling, assembled and finished by hand, some with details of exotic wood, inlays of ebony and synthetic marble, some faceted stones for color.

Park Ridge, IL

Karen Bell

Hand built, high fire stoneware with multiple glaze firings at successively lower temperatures. May have inlay of glass eyes, spines,or semi precious stones.

Spring Green, WI

Eugene Benes

Hand turned writing pens made from wood and other materials including resin, antler,snake skin, feathers, stamps and Japanese paper.

Homer Glen, IL

Sher Berman

My work involves woven beaded jewelry that combines contemporary, edgy silhouettes with the ancient art of lamp working. Most pieces are bead crochet designed with unique glass beads.

Deerfield, IL

Jacqueline Bevan

Artwork created with multiple layers of paper and acrylic paint.

Round Lake Beach, IL

Joel Brokaw

Hardwoods are hand cut and glued to create striped and chevron designs. Food safe mineral oil is applied to cutting boards, a moisture proof finish to chess boards and coasters.

Kalona, IA

Jason Brueck

Limited edition digital ink prints on both fine art stock and photo paper.

Nashville, TN

Tracey Capone

All work is my original Chicago, urban, travel, and nature photography, hand mounted on ready to hang birch wood panels.

Chicago, IL

Robert Casarietti

Each original art pieces is created by applying several layers of acrylic paints with silver-gold leaf on canvas.  The results are deep dimension, movement and texture.

Fort Collins, CO

Raymond Chen

Painting and drawing compositions using various methods.

Evanston, IL

Diane Chyler

Leather work from recycled, vintage fabrics used in new bags. Own patterns. 1 of a kind. Hand cut and sewn. Hand made leather,  painted or vintage details to each. Made one at a time as artwork.

Hinsdale, IL

Cat Clausen

Oil portraits of Lincoln on archival acetate, then mounted to gallery wrapped canvas.

Dwight, IL

Matthew Coglianese

Fine art photography and digital art, pieces printed on sheet metal with float mount hangers.

Chicago, IL

Lisa Crisman

Pastels mounted and sanded paper or pastel board.

Maryland Heights, MO

Dan Cuevas

Oil on canvas.

Chicago, IL

Erin Curry

Using NanoLiner ink, I draw unique cubist characters on paper mounted in shadowboxes as well as drawing directly onto wood panels.

Dallas, TX

Dick Dahlstrom

3D “Junk Yard”trucks from wood & plaster, 3D fish from cedar shingles and acrylic paintings.

Wheaton, IL

Jim Dee

Repetition and destruction to create patterns of color and texture to examine simple beauty in all things.

Chicago, IL

JD Dennison

Negative photography by taking pictures at night with a flash.

Troy, MI

Roger Disney

Work is oil applied to stretched canvas entirely with the use of palette knife.

Tulsa, OK

Rachaela DiRosaria

A variety of 2D and 3D wooden art that is hand cut, sanded, painted and then finished with a variety of materials.

New Orleans, LA

Dawn Donati

Making small sculptures in a functional piece of conversational art “I believe that each box I create has a specific owner”.

Westchester, IL

Val Fischer

Perspective drawings on canvas with several layers of acrylic paint.

Tinley Park, IL

Scott Fishman

Aerial and architectural photos of Chicago’s iconic skyline, cityscapes, and landmarks.

Chicago, IL

Mel Fleck

Images are hand-pulled, painted, and embossed intaglio acid etchings.

Taylorsville, KY

Alison Fox

An advanced form of stained glass using vintage and antique glass inclusions such as copper, brass, jewels and gems.

Naperville, IL

Jason Fricke

Limited edition serigraphs using mesh screens and archival materials.

Milwaukee, WI

Yoram Gal

Acrylic, gouache, tempura, ink, watercolor, pen mixed on canvas/paper, my joy of life expressionism.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Sandi Garris

Using silk as my canvas, I paint with layers of resists and liquid acrylic.  Silk absorbs color like no other medium and finished work has a rich iridescence.

State College, PA

Susan Gelbuda

I manipulate an industrial material, metal, into innovative forms that are sculptural and wearable.

Western Springs, IL

Diana Gonzalez

Using found and scavenged objects, ephemera, biological materials and various mythologies and styles, I create surreal mixed media assemblages and 2D collage.

Wilmette, IL

Steve Grant

Chinese ink and watercolor on rice paper, framed.

Evanston, IL

Kevin Hallman

We create mixed media millinery art to wear that are sculpturally designed using traditional millinery techniques on wooden hat blocks and are dyed in various materials and fabrics.

Philadelphia, PA

Denise Handwerker

Handmade wearable or functional objects.  Machine or handsewn from felted recycled wool.  My line includes bags, fingerless gloves, pillows, potholders, flower pins and scarves.

Elmwood Park, IL

Kate Harrold

My work is a digital photo collage photography. Digitally manipulated and merged together to create new and unlikely stories.

Nashville, TN

Ali Hasmut

Oil paintings on canvas, linen and board.

Chicago, IL

Reinhard Herzog

Blown glass torch formed by melting glass pieces together at extremely high temperatures for precise, sharp lines. Colors are melded into the pieces and twisted into form.

Ballwin, MO

Sara Hoffland

The nuno felting process uses soap, water, and agitation to fuse wool and hand dyed silk with no sewing.  I also eco dye my garments using real plants, vinegar and rust.

Winfield, IL

Amy Huisinga

Acrylic paintings incorporate with added textured mediums and painting surfaces to create dimensional effects.

Chicago, IL

Mark Hurd

Archival limited edition, signed and  numbered ,  ink on paper prints created with a unique technique, drawing and coloring individual shapes and layering digitally to create a vivid work of art.

St. Louis, MO

Amy Ikenn

Sheets of glass are cut and arranged, often with ground glass as “paint” to be fused in a kiln for different results and shapes.

Kildeer, IL

Hanan Ingel

We create handmade pieces of wearable art by combining ancient Greek and Roman coins with hand designed and hand made jewelry in sterling silver and gold using soldering and fabrication techniques.

Berkeley, CA

Olimpia Iuhas

I create “One of a kind” pieces, using silk, leather, yarn, wool, etc. that are sewn together in unique patterns that can’t be duplicated. I express myself in the language of colors and textures.

Mount Prospect, IL

Peter Jablokow

Transparent watercolor on paper.

Evanston, IL

Dewey James

I create an image montage that I print to transparent film using pigment based archival inks layered between sheets of acrylic with a painted back layer and mounted in to a handmade shadowboxed frame.

Minneapolis, MN

Robert Johnson

Using figured woods and repeated dyeing and sanding with different colors to “pop” the figure of the wood to highlight natural beauty or achieve a desired color.

Lake Geneva, WI

Allison Kallaway-Young

Fabricated sterling silver jewelry with gold and gemstone accents. One of a kind and limited production work crafted and signed by the artist. Modern, industrial and sophisticated.

Kalispell, MT

Stephanie Keller

Handmade block prints of iconic Chicago imagery. Each color separation is an individual carved block, up to 4 blocks per single design. Printed with oil based inks onto archival paper.

Chicago, IL

Ty Kelly

My work is primarily a clicked on canvas applied with various materials and techniques.

Edmond, OK

Nodar Khokhobashvili

Oil paintings on rustic wood panels.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Nadine King

Fused, etched metals with stones create different shapes and textures.

Mt. Carroll, IL

Robin Kittleson

Kiln formed glass using hand pulled murrini exploring the chemistry of minerals and silver inclusions.

Geneva, IL

Lee Klade

Warm and cold stained glass methods with traditional glass painting to add dimension.

Plainwell, MI

Esteban Kremen

Mixed Media, acrylic, oil, ink, spray paint collage on canvas.

Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer Kudulis

Hand painted critters digitally juxtaposed into original photos on canvas.

Chattanooga, TN

Kenneth Kudulis

Imagery deconstructed to transform them into new works. Images are hand drawn, then scaled to size onto canvas and painted with acrylic.

Chattanooga, TN

Jennifer Lashbrook

Collage Famous imagery, de-constructed to the artists’ palette colors represented by paint chips.  Distance or thru a cell phone the pixels turn from indiscernible color blocks to clear, recognizable images.

Dallas, TX

Deborah Link

Semi abstract and abstract original paintings in acrylic on stretched canvas. Layering and glazing of paints thick and thin to achieve depth and texture.

Galena, OH

Karina Llergo

Poured acrylics on canvas, experimenting with its reaction by throwing water, alcohol, ink, salt and oil, finding ways to evoke energy through human motion.

Northbrook, IL

Robert London

Outdoors photography of landscapes, peak fall color and wildlife.

Chicago, IL

Eric & Glenda Lundgren

Pieces are made from sterling silver and semi precious stones, each one unique from sheet and wire.

Holly Hill, FL

Anastasia Mak

My paintings are created from my photos and sketches of destinations that I have visited. I combine layers of acrylics with pens, markers, and some collage – all applied to canvas or wooden board.

Chicago, IL

Ancizar Marin

Sculpture made of bronze, fiberglass and volcano rock, finished with automotive paints, translucent resins and multicolored patinas.

Pembroke Pines, FL

Cindy Marrazzo

Accurately drawings by applying oils with direct painting.

Fox River Grove, IL

Brad Meese

Challenging space and perception within the urban environment.

Chicago, IL

Nancie King Mertz

Much of my work in oil or pastel is done on-site around the world.

Chicago, IL

Chuck Meyers

Intense pigment concentration in fine oil paintings.

Chicago, IL

Justin Miller

Acrylic paint on canvas and panel.

Brookfield, IL

Mary Miller

Soulfully worn objects, layered with patterns under stained glass with painted tiles.

Columbus, OH

Marcos Minuchin

Miniature sets and photography from locations around the world.

Long Beach, NY

Kate Morgan

Additive & subtractive layers of paper, paints, inks, dyes, metals, woods, leather, clay and resin.

Columbus, OH

Kevin Mueller

I create handmade wearable wooden bow ties by laser burning custom designs into wood. The wooden bow ties come in a wide variety of designs, colors and accent fabrics.

Chicago, IL

Amanda Murphy

Prints of whimsical toy photography and handmade scenes with licensed toys.

Streamwood, IL

Dean Myton

Functional pieces from recycled and sustainable materials: cold steel, cast iron, recycled wine crates and reclaimed wood from condemned homes using traditional and unique metal and wood working techniques.

Akron, OH

Darren Olson

Location photography printed on archival materials.

Minneapolis, MN

Penélope Osio-Brown

I develop textural fields of intense color and expressive markings with various gels and molding pastes.

Elmhurst, IL

Anita Peters

The combination of wire sculpture, chain mail and metal smithing to create an ancient look with and unique stones.

Barrington, IL

Mariano Pilatti

Modern forms of street art such as spray paint, stencils with traditional fine art techniques including acrylic and palette knife painting.

Brooklyn, NY

Brad Pogatetz

Archival color photographs face-mounted to museum acrylic.

Batavia, IL

Xavier Nuez

Dark prints of film photography with many colored lights.

Chicago, IL

Ken Reif

Oil on canvas with black and with an impressionist palette.

Berwyn, IL

Sue Rosengard

Silver, gold, pearls, stones hand fabricated using pliers, mandrels, fingers and hands.

Chicago, IL

Peter Rujuwa

Serpentine stone sculptures hand carved with chisels, files, sandpaper and polished with bees wax to Illumine the colorful and unique patina which is found in each stone.

Greenwood, IN

Howard Scott

Watercolor with tongue-in-cheek humor, the images are of maps and charts portraying imaginary places, concepts and ideas.

South Bend, IN

Jane & Susan Shaffer

Textured silver jewelry hand fabricated through forging, soldering, and hydraulic press.  Also hand knitted wire and leather jewelry that stands alone and accents the silver jewelry.

Mount Prospect, IL

Mike Simmonds

Steampunk and industrial inspired sculptures made from recycled scrap engine and transmission parts.

Louisville, KY

Lisa Slodki

I form and hammer sterling and gold wire to create designs based on geometry and patterns in nature.

Chicago, IL

Joseph Smigielski

Improvised abstraction that come to life with brushwork. Often whimsical and playful characters are expressing joy in everyday activities.

Chicago, IL

Teresa Soriano

Functional fused glass created and designed using techniques such as slumping, layering and combing.

Middleton, WI

Laura Stamper

I create one of a kind sculpture to wear using original porcelain sculptures, enamel work, precious metals and gemstones influenced by nature and the female form.

New Hope, MN

Stephen Steininger

Acrylic paints, pastels, and inks are used on birch plywood. I carve through these layers for more detail, and often add hardware and fabric.

Altoona, IA

Natalie Steinmetz

I’ve been work in with clay for over 20 years.  What started as an intriguing hobby, grew into a talent, and has matured into a full time career.  I find comfort a sense of peacefulness in the studio.

Chicago, IL